War Machine Gets Support of Self-Defense Claims After Brutal Beating

War Machine

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, better known as War Machine, gets offered support from fans who claim self-defense after the brutal beating of his ex-girlfriend. The former adult movie star, and mixed martial arts fighter, has been released from a holding cell in Ventura this past Wednesday, and will be escorted to Nevada, claims Ventura County Sheriff’s Office’s Captain Don Aguilar. Koppenhaver had previously been in custody at a jail in Las Vegas on Saturday, on charges of battery, strangulation and assault with a deadly weapon.

The 32-year-old MMA fighter was issued a warrant from the Las Vegas Metro Police, and was captured in Simi Valley on August 15 after hiding out for a week. Koppenhaver, who changed his legal name to War Machine, is accused of entering his ex-girlfriend Christy Mackinday’s house on August 8th, and attacking her. The incident is believed to have happened when Koppenhaver saw her in bed with another man, who he also attacked. In documents obtained by local police, he stripped off Mackinday’s clothes and proceeded to repeatedly punch her in the face, breaking multiple bones, before knocking out some of her teeth and booting her in the ribcage.

Police also reported that Koppenhaver accused Mackinday of cheating.  The two of them allegedly had a shaky relationship over a course of 15 months. Mackinday received treatment at a hospital for cuts and multiple injuries to the face, and for the damage done to her teeth. A dentist in Las Vegas donated a set of temporary teeth to her as she awaits permanent ones.

War Machine made his debut in mixed martial arts at a UFC pay-per-view event in 2007. Losing his only match on pay-per-view in 2007 as well, he went on as a welterweight to produce a record of 14-5. Supporters of War Machine have voiced their claims of self-defense after the assault, and do not seem to understand the media version of the brutal beating. Mackinday has recently come out to defend her own side of the story on social media as well.

The former adult film star posted on twitter, that 18 bones in her face were broken, along with a fractured nose, a fractured rib and a torn liver. Mackinday claims that the assault began as Koppenhaver came into her room and started going through her text messages. He then allegedly started pummeling the male friend who was with her, before turning back to her, and performing everything from strangulation, to cutting off her hair with a knife. Allegedly, the male friend who was with Mackinday also suffered minor injuries.

The MMA fighter has recently voiced his opinions of the allegations that surround him on social media. Before his arrest he tweeted, “Police officers have never given give me a fair shot, they have never believed anything I have said. I am deciding what I am going to do. At the culmination of everything, this really breaks my heart.” War Machine is the primary suspect in the brutal beating that happened on August 8th, and although the claims of self-defense may be supported by his followers, after it is over the fighter could receive 25 years in prison if convicted.

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3 Responses to "War Machine Gets Support of Self-Defense Claims After Brutal Beating"

  1. U.N. Owen   November 15, 2014 at 8:51 am

    First a question to the person named Shania who posted a comment saying it’s “obvious he did it, ‘cos he had a ‘I heart….’.

    I’m gob-smacked as to how THAT ‘proves’ ANYTHING.

    I’ve NEVER hear of either Mr. Koopenhaver – either by that name or (did he really – LEGALLY – change his name to) ‘War Machine’ (?!?! What a frakkin moron!)

    I just read the story ths morning – in the NY Post, because apparently there was some testimony today, and the Post being ‘the Post’ – bowl paper, if you understand, I find these type of stories like car crashes; you don’t wanna look, but, you do.

    There’s NO reason – NONE whatsoever – for EVER breaking into someone’s house (being in a relationship or not. Unless you’re invited, having a key means NOTHING) is just for ths WRONG. To break in because he thought she was cheating?!! And then to brutalise her and ths gentleman is SO against the law. Louis article’s 2 month’s old, – for me – and just going by what was said in court today, has demonstrate ths ANIMAL is NOT just DANGEROUS, he’s a sexist. I don’t think some garbage like him will EVER apologise or even understand WHAT it is he did wrong. On his mind-set, she’s ‘HIS woman’ – his… property,’ which gives him the ‘right’ to do anything towards her, act any way towards are..

    Just throw away the key, & let it rot.

  2. shania   September 1, 2014 at 11:54 am

    Its so obvious he enjoyed beating her cause on his toyota prius there was a bumper sticker that said “I heart Christy Mack”.
    His stupid lawyer says hes a nice guy, hows he a nice guy when on his instagram account there was a picture of OJ simpson with a glove on saying “These hoes think im playing!”, What about his twitter account saying hes gonna kill people then himself and make a video, it’ll be rad!
    Even MMA fighting had a video oh him saying he’d kill her.
    This guy is obviously crazy and I hope he gets life in prison

  3. Andrew   August 31, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Good he can go be a “war machine” in prision!


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