Young Jeezy Arrested for Possession of Firearm Found at Wiz Khalifa Concert

Rapper Young Jeezy has been arrested for possession of a firearm. The assault rifle was discovered during the police investigation into the fatal shooting that occurred on Friday night during Wiz Khalifa’s California concert.

Sources associated with the situation report that the Irvine police department carried out a search warrant of the 36 year old’s tour bus on Sunday night, after looking into the possibility that he had some connection to the shooting that took place two days earlier. Jeezy and Khalifa are currently on tour together, hence the authorities wanted to find out what the former rapper knew about the situation. Numerous members of the entourage that travels with Jeezy have also been arrested for gun possession, although their names have not yet been released. Meanwhile, the rapper is currently in custody and is being held on $1 million bail.

Khalifa was performing on Friday night when a confrontation escalated backstage between two men, leading to one of the men shooting the other five times. The man who was shot died from his injuries shortly thereafter. Although everyone who was backstage at the time witnessed the shooting, authorities have had very little luck uncovering more information surrounding the incident. Security cameras at the venue were said to be of little to no help, as the two men were standing in a hallway so dark that neither one of them could be identified. Khalifa is not being investigated as a suspect, due to the aforementioned reason of his not being directly present at the shooting. His following concert was cancelled due to the shooting, and he released a statement detailing his shock and sorrow at the incident, going on to state that he feels violence is never the answer.

This is not the first time Jeezy has found himself in hot water with the law. He has been arrested twice this year, both arrests occurring within a few weeks of each other back in January. The first arrest was for false imprisonment, battery, and threats after an altercation with his son Jadarius. After unleashing a ferocious beating on the son, Jeezy allowed his bodyguard to prevent Jadarius from leaving the premises by way of blocking the stairwell to the exit. The rapper then began to utter death threats to the boy, saying he was going to shoot him in his head, and that he would have no hesitation in commit the act if he was able to get away with it. After grand jury warrants were issued for each charge, Jeezy turned himself into authorities, after which he was released on $45,000 bond. He was arrested again just a few short weeks later on charges of obstructing police officers, after he refused to cooperate with them following an alarm being set off at his girlfriend’s house. The South Carolina native used extreme profanity towards the officers when asked to see his identification, and attempted to pull away while being handcuffed. He went on to later claim that police officers mistreated him during the incident.

It is unclear, as of yet, if Young Jeezy had any direct connection to the Wiz Khalifa concert shooting on Friday night. However, the rapper is still in custody for possession of a firearm.

by Rebecca Grace

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