100 Orgasms a Day Is a Nightmare


Having 50 to 100 orgasms a day sounds like fiction or the problem of the week on Grey’s Anatomy (it actually was on an episode in Season 2)? But for people actually afflicted with the nightmare of having 100 involuntary orgasms a day, it is a condition that affects every aspect of their lives.

A 37-year-old Wisconsin man, Dale Decker, has had the problem, which is medically named Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome, since 2012. A 24-year-old Florida women, Amanda Gryce, has suffered from it for about 18 years. Both are trying, through treatment, to not only have a normal sex life … but also have a normal life period.

Persistent genital around disorder is when someone has intrusive spontaneous genital arousal without sexual desire. The experience is intrusive on all activities, unsolicited and unrelenting. Imagine, going through the day, talking to people, shopping or just first meeting someone of the opposite sex and having a sudden orgasm then and there.

Decker first developed the problem when he slipped a disc two years ago. On the way to the hospital that day, he reported having five orgasms. Since then, they have not stopped. He has publically described the horror of having repeated orgasms at his father’s funeral or the grocery store. At this point, the man – who is married and has two children – rarely leaves the house out of embarrassment over his constant erections and ejaculations. “There’s nothing pleasurable about it because even though it might feel physically good,” he explained, because “ you’re completely disgusted by what’s going on.”

NYC gynecologist Dr. Dena Harris told The New York Post that it can be a serious medical condition that usually affects women. It can be painful and is not sexual, just a horrendous spasm with no control.

Gryce suffered in silence for years afraid and ashamed to disclose what was happening to her to anyone. She has been aroused regularly since she was about six. ‘It happens when I’m with my friends or out in public,” Gryce noted. ”It’s very embarrassing.”’

Once she did seek help, medical professionals initially dismissed Gryce’s complaints and did not acknowledge that she had a valid condition. She finally did find a doctor familiar with the issue persistent genital around disorder.

A doctor Gryce consulted who s a pelvic pain expert worked with her on things she can do to reduce the orgasms’ intensity even if they are still constant. She is taking medication, using exercise and working to take control of her disorder to take control of her life. She has a boyfriend, who is supportive and helping her deal with the condition to get on with their lives.

The residents on Grey’s Anatomy giggled behind the back of the patient who presented with persistent genital around disorder. However, those who suffer from the condition like Decker and Gryce, would readily say that living with a condition that leads to 50 to 100 orgasms a day is a nightmare.

By Dyanne Weiss

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