Stephen Hawking Finally Admits to Being an Atheist

Stephen Hawking  Admits to Being an Atheist

Stephen Hawking finally has admitted to being an atheist, even though most of his secular friends and colleagues had already long assumed that the brilliant scientist did not believe in God. Hawking had never publicly announced his private beliefs until a recent interview in a Spanish newspaper. Hawking has skirted around the issue for decades, only uttering obscure puzzlers such as stating he was not religious in any  known way and penning that there was no need for God in the formation of the universe.

Hawking had also famously stated that the universe could and would create itself from nothing, however, up until the present time had failed to say he was an actual atheist. He has hinted at it before, by saying that the afterlife was nothing but a fairy story, and declaring that science would end up winning eventually in the fight between science and religion. It appears that during a time when atheism and agnosticism appear to be growing by the millions, Hawking has finally decided to admit to who he is and state that he is an atheist no matter what type of condemnation that may come his way due to his admission.

Hawking has spoken about a deity in the past, stating that science would one day permit humans to be able to know the mind of God. He explained what he meant in the statement during his interview, stating that human beings would be able to know everything that a god would know, if there was a god. However he added there is no god, or at least he did not believe there was one because he was an atheist.

Even though Hawking attempting to being an atheist is not at all a surprise to anyone who has followed his brilliant career, his disclosure is substantial because the scientist is one of the most respected and revered physicists in all of history. He has a dazzling mind and has fought unbelievable odds of which he has won. His mammoth battle with ALS and subsequent illustrious career has helped to be quite the motivation for millions of people. He has said many times he does not even think about his illness and that it does not define him in any sort of way.

Hawking declared that in no uncertain terms that God does not exist, and that science has proved provides everything that human beings need to describe how the universe came into formation. He stated that scientific explanation is much more believable than any religious explanation can give for how life came into being.

It may be trying for someone of a non-scientific background to understand what Hawking means when he explains that the universe created itself from nothing.  Many question just how something like that could have possibly occurred because they do not have the required extensive understanding of molecular physics that it takes to fully grip hold of the idea.

Religious followers are able to sometimes resolve their faith with science, yet there are other individuals who completely reject any belief in science and only have faith in literal clarifications of the Bible. Others decide to accept that science is to be believed and accept what Stephen Hawking may say. After all,  he is considered one of the ten most intelligent people alive today. Now that Hawking has finally admitted to being an atheist, it is only a matter of time before others follow suit.

By Kimberly Ruble


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