Video Games Come to Life at Unique Restaurants [Video]

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Video games are something people of all ages enjoy and some of these games are coming to life at three restaurants. Namco has created a restaurant at the Woodfield Mall in Illinois based around the game Pac-Man. The restaurant name is Level 257 and its name has a connection to the popular video game. Pac-Man has 256, which includes a secret level that only some players have been able to reach. According to David Bishop, the executive vice president of strategic project development for Namco, the restaurant is the next level of entertainment. Patrons will see the game come alive through small notes that Namco scattered throughout the restaurant. The unique location will also let visitors play both arcade and board games in a game parlor. The games will also make another debut as cocktail tables in the cocktail lounge. Two other popular video games are having their worlds spring to life in Japan.

Eorzea Café gave Final Fantasy XIV (14) fans a reason to chow down after it opened in July. Square Enix based the café on the Carline Canopy, a place in the game where players can gather. Visitors will find armor and weapons that they would use in the game as well as winged creatures called Moogles. There are also coasters of Primals, magical beings that players can call for in the game; that patrons get when they order a drink. The food is also Final Fantasy themed, with 33 appetizers and 28 diverse drinks to enjoy. The café even has a yellow light to symbolize the sun setting in the video game’s location, Gridania and computers set up so visitors can play Final Fantasy while they wait for their food.

video games Fans of the popular zombie game Resident Evil can visit the unique Biohazard Bar and STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) Grill. The location houses real life versions of props that visitors would find in the game and a statue of a Tyrant, an undead super-soldier that is biologically engineered, that is the star of the show. While visitors are dining and enjoying the atmosphere, trouble ensues. The Tyrant tries to escape but the staff is able to save visitors by shooting at the monster. When people come into the restaurant, they might know the decor but might not know that Biohazard is what Resident Evil is known as in Japan. Another video game inspired restaurant is unlike other restaurants because it is not based on one video game but many.

In 2012, Tokyo opened a restaurant based on Capcom video games called the Capbar. The restaurant features food and drinks inspired by Capcom’s video games such as Resident Evil as well as Monster Hunter. Visitors can order a bleeding brain at the Capbar, which is a sponge cake with berry sauce and a gavel, which is an onion ring tower, based on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Video game fans can also play their favorite games at gaming kiosks while they eat.

Final Fantasy, Pac-Man and Resident Evil are getting a second life at their own restaurants. Gamers can re-live the thrill of their favorite video games by watching a zombie showdown at Biohazard Bar and STARS Grill, eating in a café inspired by Final Fantasy XIV finding hidden pieces from Pac-Man and play their favorite Capcom games at a Capcom themed bar. When visitors come to Level 257 they can go bowling and enjoy unique Pac-Man inspired art. Visitors will also enjoy ordering food from the Capbar because when their food arrives, the servers act out the food as they serve it. Level 257 will open after New Years and the Biohazard Bar and STARS Grill has closed. However, the Cap Bar and Eorzea Café are still open for fans to enjoy.

By Jordan Bonte


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