Adrian Peterson Likely Done With Minnesota Vikings


Adrian Peterson, in the backdrop of a slew of recent NFL player illegalities, may be released from the Minnesota Vikings very soon. The alleged beating of his four-year-old son, an act he still stands behind as “discipline,” has laid the groundwork for the team’s likely dismissal of the all-star running back. Another aspect of Peterson’s potential downfall in the league may come from own dismissal of the seriousness behind the allegations before him, which would likely hamper his prospect of finding a new team if the NFL levels a hefty suspension on him under new player conduct rules.

The Minnesota Vikings team is likely done with Adrian Peterson because of his lackadaisical approach to these serious allegations. According to a team source, the player “just doesn’t get it,” which is leading to a future without him on the roster. This statement came after the Pro Bowl player tweeted that he had passed a polygraph test, indicating to team officials that he doesn’t understand the reason behind the backlash. He is currently on the exempt list that allows him to collect his $11.75 million salary for this season, but there is no guarantee beyond that.

The former Oklahoma running back, who was drafted by the Vikings in 2007, is said to be a bit too optimistic that his troubles will soon be over. Denial is the word an unnamed Vikings official used, saying that the player just isn’t acutely aware of the spotlight on the NFL and the severity of this crime he is accused of committing. He is expecting to garner a plea deal, avoiding the majority of legal punishment, but will have to face the NFL punishment afterward. Earlier this week, Commissioner Roger Goodell, in response to his own perceived shortcomings, stated that child abuse was one of the specific areas in which punishments would be severe.

Peterson and his current legal problems stem from documented marks that were left along his young child that indicated abuse. He stated that he was only attempting to discipline the child and meant no lasting harm. Currently, a judge in Minnesota’s Hennepin County is mulling a court petition that would have the child under a new safety plan that would make sure the child’s father had no unsupervised time with him and refrain from any “physical discipline.“ The county has been ordered to postpone their decision on the matter until after the legal proceedings have concluded.

With Adrian Peterson apparently done with the Minnesota Vikings may just be the beginning of his football-related problems. Roger Goodell, despite the recently announced council helping him make decisions going forward, still has the power to indefinitely suspend the back the same way Ray Rice was just a few weeks ago. In a letter sent to NFL teams, Goodell said that their “goal is to make a real difference” on issues highlighted by recent players. NFL analysts expect that, at the very least, Adrian Peterson will not play the rest of the 2014 season with some harsher punishments still entirely possible.

Commentary by Myles Gann


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