Andy Murray Backing Scotland Yes Campaign

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Andy Murray

British number one tennis player Andy Murray has finally spoken out about backing the Yes campaign for an independent Scotland. He had previously refused to share his views, and that may have been due to him being undecided. It was just recently that he found the No campaign so fuelled with negativity that he decided independence was the way to go.

Many Scots will be queuing up outside of the polling stations to register their vote. It’s a once in a lifetime chance for many, and will have a major impact on the country either way. Should the Scottish people vote Yes, there is a high chance that in 18 months it will no longer be part of the United Kingdom. Should they vote no, then there is a chance the parliament will get more powers to control elements of tax and welfare. It will all depend on negotiations on Friday.

There have been a number of high-profile Scots speaking about their views. Some are not even Scots! Sean Connery mentioned that he wanted Scotland to go independent, although he is not going to vote due to his tax status. He currently resides in the Bahamas, and can only spend a set number of days on Scottish soil each year before he has to pay the Scottish tax rate. He is unlikely to use one of those days for his vote.

Now Andy Murray has finally spoken about his decision, and said that he is backing Scotland’s Yes campaign. He took to Twitter to explain that the negativity from the No campaign swayed his vote. However, his decision has been taken positively and negatively depending on the way others will vote.

One user was disappointed because it could help sway the undecided votes. Some fear that the undecided people will wait to see how the people they look up to vote, rather than making their own decisions for their own reasons. It is certainly going to be a campaign that is swayed by the undecided votes, as the polls showed that it was been neck and neck over the last week.

However, Murray is not going to be able to vote for his home country’s independence. The tennis number one for Britain now lives in Surrey, England. Only those currently living in Scotland have the right to vote on this matter, causing outrage for Scots living outside of the country. He originally comes from Dunblane, Stirling, and his heart is still there.

The 27-year-old had previous avoided questions when he was asked about his views. In one interview, he explained that he was proud to be both British and Scottish, and there was no difference in that. It seemed to suggest that he was against the idea of Scotland getting independence.

However, it now appears that he was always undecided, and it has only been recently that he believes the Yes campaign should win. That is only based on negativity, though, and many will argue that that is not a reason to split up the United Kingdom. It will be interesting to see how many others take Murray’s view of backing the Scotland Yes campaign.

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