Apples: Hoping for a Decent Crop


Apple growers in the United States are hoping that this year’s crop produces a decent output. After the abundance of apples produced last year, the growers already know that there will be a smaller harvest this year. With some apples already ripening, there are early predictions that while this year’s harvest may not be as plentiful as last, it will still be a decent yield.

Fall is just around the corner and for apple orchards that means it is time for people to come out and pick their own apples. Many orchards are already seeing a ripening in the early season varieties. The current apples that are ready for harvesting include the Gala, Paula Reds and Ginger Golds. Early indications are definitely leading the orchard owners to believe that while not as bountiful as last year the crop for this year will still be at the very least an average haul.

In Vermont, which produces the second largest bounty of apples in New England, there are varying reports as to what the apple trees are producing. Across the state and even within the same orchard, growers are seeing a variety of results. Some are noticing that their production is down depending on the variety of apple, while other varieties are coming in abundance. Some orchards are seeing a decrease in McIntosh apples over last year but other varieties such as Cortland and Empire are meeting expectations.

Vermont is predicting that they may be able to come close to last year’s bushel count of 850,000. In other parts of the country, many orchards believe that they may be able to match their numbers from last year. After a season of ups and downs including periods of drought, heavy rains and more droughts, the apple crop is looking to be as hearty as any other year. Although which apples are produced will be different from the prior year, estimates are indicating that this may again be a plentiful year for the apple orchards. Many apple orchards are hoping that this year is once again a decent crop and that the weather will continue to hold out.

Some reports seem to indicate that this could be an even stronger season for the apple crop. Whereas other reports indicate that while the harvest will be plentiful it will not be enough to top the 41.7 million pounds of apples that was harvested last year. In either case, the apple orchards are looking at a healthy crop for the season and hopefully profits will show that.

As the fall season approaches the apple lovers will be out looking for their apple cider, apple donuts and good old fashioned apple pie. The only real concern now is how the weather treats the growers. As long as there are no hail storms or major wind gusts, then the apple crop might be able to produce what the orchards need and are predicting. If the weather holds out and an early frost steers clear then the apple orchards may get the decent crop of apples that they are hoping for.

By Kimberley Spinney


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