Electric Zoo Festival in New York Cancelled Due to Bad Weather

Electric Zoo

The widely-known Electric Zoo music festival in New York was cancelled on Sunday due to bad weather, disappointing the eager concert-goers and sending them home early. Thousands of attendees were forced to leave the event because of strong thunderstorms, marking this as the second shut down of the festival in recent years.

The Electric Zoo is New York City’s top electronic dance music (EDM) festival. The event was founded in 2009 and takes place annually at Randall Island Park every Labor Day weekend. The EDM concert brings a wide range of the most talented acts from across the globe and over 150,000 fans to attend the show.

This year’s two headlining acts, Jack U and Kaskade, (a collaboration between Skrillex and DJ Diplo) were keyed up to perform on Sunday evening only to be disappointed when city officials and organizers called it off at about 4:30 p.m. Other artists that did not get to perform included: Dash Berlin, ATB, Morgan Page, Bingo Players, Showtek, Seven Lions and Netsky just to name a few. Flash-flood warnings had been issued by The National Weather Service as the storms worsened.

Spokesman Stefan Friedman stated that they apologize to the fans, but that the main concern was for the safety of the artists, staff and attendees.

New York’s Electric Zoo festival was also cancelled on the last day of the three-day-long-event one year ago due to two fans that died of overdoses from ecstasy in combination with being overheated. This year, the festival organizers aimed to make the event much safer, by adding more security, drug-sniffing dogs, and shortening each day by two hours. Concert-goers were also compelled to watch a video about MDMA and were encouraged to watch out for signs that their peers might be feeling ill.

Although this year the music celebration was halted due to bad weather, the fact that the festival had to be shut down on the last day two years in a row made both the artists and the fans quite upset.

Attendees tweeted their displeasure about the incident as they headed toward the exits, along with the artists who did not get the opportunity to perform. DJ Alesso said with frustration, “I can’t believe this!!” He continued by saying that he was really looking forward to playing Sunday evening. The duo from Australia called What So Not stated, “Sadly will not be playing NYC today.” And Kaskade tweeted jokingly, “Sooo, who has the keys to @barclayscenter?”

The cancellation occurred about three hours into the final day, with heaps of music admirers already at the venue located in the East River. Numerous people had to board shuttle buses or ferries in order to get off the island.

The Electric Zoo music festival in New York was cancelled due to bad weather, and both fans and artists alike were not pleased that they had to leave the venue early. City officials and the event organizers did not want to disappoint the attendees or participants, but were more focused on everyone’s safety than their happiness.

By Amy Nelson


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