Bad Boy Bieber Gets Charges Dropped

Justin Bieber

Former teen heart-throb turned bad boy Justin Bieber recently got his assault charges dropped after reasonable doubt rules. The 20-year-old’s charge of allegedly assaulting a chauffeur was dismissed this past Monday. The charges stemmed from an altercation that took place last December in Toronto, Canada. The incident for which the pop singer had been charged, involved himself along with five other friends, who were all picked up by the driver after leaving a nightclub. The driver stated that he was allegedly struck in the back of the head multiple times while en route to a hotel, and was forced to pull over.

Bieber, who was arrested in January for the assault which took place on Dec. 30, had to be relieved when the charge was withdrawn this week by state prosecution service, the Crown, on grounds of “no reasonable prospect of conviction.” The Crown reportedly watched surveillance footage, reviewed police interviews, as well as the initial 911 phone call, and spoke with witnesses before coming to the conclusion that there was not enough sufficient evidence to go to trial. Due to the number of people riding in the limousine, the Crown argued that the identity of the individual could not be established that “caused the alleged contact with the driver” beyond a reasonable doubt, according to attorney David Mitchell.

Brian Greenspan, Bieber’s attorney, told reporters that they are satisfied with the ruling. “To be quite honest, it is our belief that no one actually struck the driver,” Greenspan said. “I’m aware that it’s up for debate, but my position and the position of my client is that no one affiliated with Mr. Bieber did anything illegal to the driver.” Greenspan concluded his statement with, “We embrace the decision from the Crown Attorney’s office to withdraw all charges pertaining to the case, and having come to the conclusion of no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. The withdrawal of any allegation is the result of a thorough review of the evidence by professional prosecutors, and we would like to thank them for all of their work and consideration.”

The Boyfriend hit maker who dropped the album Journals in 2013, is not new to getting into trouble with the law, as Bieber was charged with dangerous driving and assault this past August. The vocalist was involved in a car crash in Stratford, Ontario after an alleged incident with paparazzi. Beiber’s attorney told reporters that they are hopeful for a similar outcome in that case as well.

The charges are said to have come after two drivers allegedly got into a fight, as reported by a police news release, after a minivan collided with another vehicle near Bieber’s hometown of Stratford. Police reported that there were no apparent injuries from the crash, but they could not say at the time if there were any from the altercation.

Bieber, who started his career as a talented boy singing on YouTube, has millions of fans who have not yet dropped their support, and would claim that he gets a bad wrap. However, facts do not lie. The pop star is currently still on probation, after he pled no contest to charges of vandalism for throwing eggs at his neighbor’s home back in January. Then, last month he pled guilty to misdemeanor charges for reckless driving, in what police believed was a participation in an illegal street race. Bieber agreed to a plea deal which put him into an anger management program, and a $500 fine, plus a $50,000 contribution to charity.

By Theodore Borders


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