Ohio Cops Discover Individuals Behind Ice Bucket Prank on Autistic Teen

Ohio Cops Discover Individuals Behind Ice Bucket Prank on Autistic Teen

Ohio cops are reporting that they have discovered the individuals involved in the occurrence where the ALC ice bucket challenge was used to prank out an autistic teen. Instead of pouring ice over him, they saturated him with a bucket that was full of spit, urine and feces.

Police have refused to release any names at the present time and also have yet to talk about any type of possible charges due to the investigation is not fully complete just yet, stated Mark Spaetzel, who is the Police Chief of Bay Village, Ohio. He told several different media sources this past weekend that the Bay Village police were carrying out a wide-ranging investigation.

A trio of celebrities joined in and offered rewards in order to aid in helping find the individuals who were behind the disgusting deed. Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy along with Drew Carey announced they were donating $10,000, respectively.

Bay Village is considered one of the suburbs of Cleveland, which is where Carey is from. It was also the area in which The Drew Carey Show was set in.

A videotape of the cruel trick showed the teenager in front of a garage door standing in only a pair of underwear when somebody from the top of the garage ends up dumping a bucketful of dark brown liquid on top of his head. The boy, age 15, was extremely embarrassed and distressed. His mother stated that he had no idea what was in the contents of the bucket until after he had been drenched and then he did not want anyone finding out.

The trouble with that is the mother found out that the incident had been filmed on the teen boy’s own cell phone. The trouble makers had even used the victim’s phone to tape the entire event and then they placed it on Instagram for the entire world to see.

The trick seemed to be some kind of troubling parody of the ALS ice bucket challenge. That is where volunteers allow a bucket full of ice water to be poured on top of their heads. The movement has raised both donations and also awareness for research about Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is also called Lou Gehrig’s disease. The ALS Association has stated that the Ice Bucket Challenge has brought in over $110 million so far.

Bay Village police stated they had been questioning witnesses and so were able to basically identify the people who were involved. The department believes that the stunt happened before the beginning of the school year at a Bay Village home.

The superintendent of the Bay Village High School, Clint Keener, explained that the entire school region is disgusted with such harsh actions taken against one of their students. Keener explained that numerous other students and staff were taking part in the ALS fundraising and performing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

He added that such a terrible stunt has hurt their school deeply. It is awful seeing such a brilliant effort being warped to purposely cause an individual pain. Hopefully Ohio law enforcement has actually discovered the individuals involved in the happening and they can be taken care of appropriately.

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