Beyoncé and Jay Z Reportedly Renew Marriage Vows

Beyoncé and Jay Z Reportedly Renew Marriage Vows

Beyoncé and Jay Z have reportedly renewed their marriage vows at the same time that Beyoncé celebrated her 33rd birthday. On Sept.4 the couple, their child Blue Ivy, and the rest of their family was seen spending quality time together while they soaked up sun on the beaches of Corsica, France. The pair was apparently having such a wonderful time that they ended up renewing their wedding vows.

A source spoke to Grazia Magazine, stating that Beyoncé and Jay Z reaffirmed their love and devotion to one another in a special commitment ceremony where they promised to put negativity behind both of them. The source also explained that the couple was joined on a small beach by Beyoncé’s mother, their child and a small crowd of close friends. They delivered a set of vows during a short, but very loving ceremony, which also doubled as a birthday gala.

The small wedding party celebrated with food and drinks prepared by the couple’s private chef. After that, they rented an extravagance $500,000 yacht in order to tour around Italy. The couple have since been calling that their second honeymoon. The source stated that the pair intends to mark the ceremony’s day as their new wedding anniversary and they informed friends they are now concentrating strongly on their future together.

Beyoncé even gave her fans a look at the romantic engagement of her and Jay Z renewing their marriage vows by putting up numerous photographs on her official website. Rumors have also been circling that state the Queen Bey is pregnant with her second child. However, with the pictures of her drinking champagne while in Paris, it appears that little Blue Ivy just may have to wait a while longer before she becomes a big sister.

Jay Z himself had even hinted that Beyoncé might be having a second baby during a concert he and she held together the capital of France. While he was performing the song Beach is Better, he altered the lyrics from one sentence, “I replace it with another one” to “pregnant with another one.” Numerous fans of the couple believe that this was Jay Z’s off-the-record declaration, but the couple still officially remains quiet about the rumor. Speculation continues to run wild, but nothing has been released publicly from the couple, so rumors continue to be just that: rumors. However, it has not stopped their fans from wondering.

It was in 2013 that the previous Destiny’s Child singer opened up and talked about growing her family and having more children. Beyoncé stated that she believed Blue Ivy needed company. She explained how she herself loved being a big sister and thought her daughter would as well. She added that it would happen at some point and that would be when she would get pregnant again. In the meantime, she and Jay Z are enjoying themselves being on vacation and also renewing their marriage vows at the same time that Beyoncé celebrates her 33rd birthday

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  1. Crusingalong   September 19, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Aw-w-w-w nice gesture when you are on the shores of Europe. The real test will come when he is back in his playground – give him, tops, a year before he goes back to his old shenanigans. Beyonce needs counseling desperately.

    Nope the public ain’t buying it!

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