Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange Knowles Elevator Fight All for Publicity?

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While the elevator fight spurred rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z were on the verge of divorce, many have the cynical view that the fight with Solange Knowles was all for publicity. That is a view shared by the sisters’ father, Matthew Knowles. It would certainly make sense if it was.

All things have been relatively quiet for Jay Z and his former Destiny’s Child wife. However, they had a tour coming up, and needed to make some noise about it. What better way than to stage something that would get everyone gossiping. The elevator fight made that all possible. With the “leaked” video, people started to speculate what the fight was all about and whether it meant the power couple was falling apart.

The On the Run tour has been extremely successful. While some fans attended because it was the first time they would get to see Beyonce and Jay Z on stage together for hit songs, there were some believing it would be the last time they would see them together. Coupled with the rumors of behind the scene antics and on-stage word play, it was certainly understandable why people would have that view.

Was it just a coincidence that the On the Run tour started just one month after the incident in the elevator? Many doubt that, including Mr. Knowles. He claims that the Knowles and Jay Z elevator fight, with Beyonce in the middle, was certainly all for publicity. He calls it a Jedi mind trick, as it encouraged people to speculate and discuss the couple’s future.

However, he is speculating too. It is evident that he does not get to see his daughter much. He has not even seen his granddaughter, Blue Ivy. He and Beyonce are estranged since his divorce from her mother in 2011. The Crazy In Love singer fired him from position of her manager, believing that he was stealing from her. He had managed her and the group of four singers that started in Destiny’s Child when they were just kids.

While the fight may have been for publicity, did the couple really expect the rumors to go as far as they have? Did they really want their private life in the papers every single day, with will-they-won’t-they-split storylines? Considering Beyonce is notoriously private, it seems strange that she would allow this sort of thing to be leaked to the public.

Many are now trying to prove that the divorce rumors are not true. Tina Knowles, mother of the two sisters, spoke out explaining that the two will not divorce. They are happier than ever. Would the two really want to drag family members into something like this just for the sake of the tour?

By orchestrating something like this, it would suggest that they had no faith in the unique news that the two would be on tour together. That certainly does not seem like them. They have plenty of fans who have called for a tour like On the Run to happen. Maybe the idea of the Knowles, Beyonce, Jay Z elevator fight being all for publicity is just a way for Mr. Knowles to get back into the public eye.

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