Beyonce Pregnant With Second Child?

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New rumors have surfaced that Beyonce could be pregnant with her second child. This is all amid the rumors that she and husband, Jay Z, are getting a divorce. It seems the once very private people cannot have a day out of the papers.

The rumors started shortly after Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, spoke out about the elevator fight. He suggested that the fight was all a publicity stunt for the On the Run tour that was upcoming at the time. The tour started a month later, and has been extremely successful. Other sceptics joined in with the view that the power couple simply wanted to get people talking about them so they would see performances on the tour.

After the elevator fight, various rumors started that the two were seeking counselling and that the Survivor singer had spoken to Gwyneth Paltrow for separation advice. Many speculated that the two would split after the tour, considering it was reported to be difficult. It appears that the difficulties may have actually been that Beyonce was pregnant and dealing with the hormones that come with a growing baby.

The rumors of the pregnancy have certainly not been confirmed as of yet. They only started after people noticed a change in behavior; and not just because of the infamous elevator fight. Jay Z is reportedly much more protective of his wife, and it suggests that Beyonce is in fact pregnant with their second child.

Jay Z has ordered his entourage to speak softly and calmly. He wants as little stress for his wife as possible. That seems to contradict the idea that the elevator fight scene was all for publicity. If the rapper wanted a stress-free environment, why orchestrate something that would start vicious rumors and lead to the press following all their moves?

A source has reportedly told OK! Magazine that the former Destiny’s Child singer is only allowed to eat organic food. She already has a very healthy diet, but the organic food is allegedly for the baby.

The way Jay Z is currently acting is the same way he acted when his wife was expecting their first child, Blue Ivy. He wants to make sure the environment is perfect for mother and baby, and is not willing to take any chances.

Other rumors started when the rapper was spotted with his arms around the 33-year-old’s waist. He had his hands placed delicately on her stomach, indicating that there was something there to protect.

Official spokespeople for the couple are still to speak out about the pregnancy rumors. Until that happens, they are all speculations as the OK! Magazine source has asked to remain anonymous. It could suggest that the rumors have been made up. Similar rumors surrounding other celebrities have been proven false when anonymous sources have shared their insights. One of the most common celebrities to be involved with false pregnancy rumors is Jennifer Aniston.

Only time will tell. While there are some events that suggest that Beyonce is pregnant with her second child, other actions seem to suggest that there is nothing to report. If the rumors are true, the pair will share the news when ready.

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