Billy Joel Concert Allegedly Gets Violent

Billy Joel’s recent concert in Madison Square garden became violent,  according to a man who is now suing the venue. The incident in question took place on September 17, 2014.  Ari Ganales claims that he took his wife to enjoy the concert on Wednesday night, only to face a merciless beating by violent drunks. The man says the drunk patrons in question began fighting each other over an undisclosed manner, and he unwillingly got pulled into the fray.

The lawsuit details Ganales’ allegations that one of the intoxicated individuals pulled him over a row of stadium seats and began punching him repeatedly, all while Ganales made no effort to retaliate or fight back. He says the beating resulted in several injuries; a broken arm, nose, and ribs to name a few. He says although the individuals in question were being abusive to everyone in surrounding areas that was in attendance at the Billy Joel concert, those in charge did little to nothing to apprehend the situation. Ganales admits that those intoxicated were told to settle down and behave, but were still continued to be served alcohol following this warning.  Not only is the man suing Madison Square Garden for over-serving the patrons, he is also insisting that those in charge of the Billy Joel concert hand over the names of those involved and produce security footage of the incident in order for him to better prove his claim.

The alleged Billy Joel concert incident is not the first time in recent history that a musical performance has gotten out of hand and led to worse consequences. At the end of July, a Keith Urban concert near Boston left 22 individuals hospitalized and 50 taken into protective custody for their own good. A total of 45 concert-goers were treated for alcohol-related illnesses, after an incident that some attendees referred to as chaotic and uncontrollable. It was later alleged that a woman had been raped at the concert after consuming so much alcohol that she could no longer consent to any sexual proceedings.

Just one month previously, many individuals were hospitalized following an Avicii concert, which also took place in Boston, due to both drug and alcohol-related overdoses. These recent incidences have led to a crackdown of venue security regarding illicit substances being brought into the event, however, the question has been raised regarding exactly how much can truly be done to prevent such things from happening. Although the security measures in question stop patrons from bringing alcohol and drugs into the venue itself, nothing can be done to prevent individuals from consuming said substances beforehand. If such instances do occur before the concert takes place, there is not much that concert officials can do to rectify the situation until it is too late. Many of the overdoses in question are also attributed to the venue being overcrowded as well as the internal temperature of the room being far too high for individuals to cope with, which can lead to internal complications following massive alcohol or drug intake.

It remains to be seen whether or not Ari Ganales’ recent allegations that he was violently assaulted at a Billy Joel concert are in fact true. Neither Joel nor his representatives have given any statement regarding the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

New York Daily News
Huffington Post

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