Brittany Murphy Lifetime Biopic: Was Murphy Murdered?

Brittany Murphy

The question of whether actress Brittany Murphy was murdered or not will not be put to rest by the Lifetime biopic The Brittany Murphy Story, about the life and death of actress Brittany Murphy that was shown on Saturday, September 6, at 8:00 p.m. It is an unauthorized film, made without the permission of her family, so there have been many questions about how accurate its portrayal of Murphy’s life is, not to mention that it has almost universally been criticized by everyone in the media who has gotten a chance to check it out in advance.

The review of the biopic by Variety, below, is an example of the overall reviews it has been getting. One of the comments that the astute Variety reviewer, Geoff Berkshire, wrote was “As biopics go, it makes Lifetime’s recent “Anna Nicole” look like ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter.'” He is a person who certainly does not mince his words, but tells it like it is, when it comes to reviewing movies and TV programs.

Brittany Murphy, who died on December 20, 2009, at the age of 32, acted in movies like 8 Mile (Alex), Sin City (Shellie), The Ramen Girl (Abby), and Clueless (Tai) and she did the voice of Gloria in Happy Feet. To fans of the popular cartoon series, King of the Hill, though, the actress was perhaps best-known as doing the voice of the characters Luanne Platter, Joseph Gribble, and the hand puppet Obadiah the Donkey.

One family member who is particularly peeved that Lifetime made the unauthorized biopic about Brittany Murphy is her father, Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. Her father has some definite views about Brittany’s untimely passing and he is planning on writing a book about his daughter’s life.

The official cause listed for Brittany Murphy’s death is pneumonia. While there is no outright evidence that Murphy was murdered, she did have traces of Vicodin in her bloodstream, along with over-the-counter cold medicine. These medications in her system could be explained by the fact that she had pneumonia.

An odd thing about her death is that her husband, Simon Monjack, passed about about six months later in the exact same house of the same cause: pneumonia. Both cases are closed, but while it could just be a coincidence and probably is, there have been a lot of theories and rumors about these two deaths of the same apparent natural cause.

Her father, Bertolotti, among others, believes that both his daughter and her husband were the victims of murder. Not only does he believe that they were both murdered, but in 2013, in an interview with People, he claimed that the person who committed the murders used poison. Bertolotti alleges that Brittany and Simon Monjack were murdered by Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy.

Sharon Murphy has countered these accusations by saying in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Bertolotti was not very much in his daughter’s life, even though he is her biological father. Sharon said that she raised her daughter with little support from Bertolotti and added that she and Brittany were close and had a strong bond with each other. However, in response to the interview and what Sharon said about him, Bertolotti tweeted photos of him with Brittany which apparently shows that he was in his daughter’s life more than Sharon wants to admit.

Sharon said that when the photos were taken of Brittany and her father during her teenage years, her daughter saw Bertolotti for “who he is — and didn’t want anything to do with him.” Though Sharon Murphy has stated that Lifetime never contacted her and that she was not involved in the production of the biopic, The Brittany Murphy Story depicts the close sort of relationship that she has said that she had with her daughter. No actor playing Bertolotti is ever shown in the film.

With zero input from either Sharon Murphy or Angelo Bertolotti, it is difficult to determine exactly how accurate the Lifetime biopic is in portraying the life of Brittany Murphy. An unfortunate aspect of the biopic for the actress Lifetime chose to play Brittany Murphy, Amanda Fuller (Last Man Standing) is, according to Geoff Berkshire, of Variety, that there is “no obvious physical resemblance” between Fuller and Brittany. He does not seem to blame Fuller, but rather the casting of her and “the severe limitations of the production.”

Was Brittany Murphy murdered, or not? That question is not answered by the Lifetime biopic, The Brittany Murphy Story, though it is probably much more likely that she died of pneumonia. She was a much-loved actress who tragically passed away at a young age. Perhaps a better way to remember Brittany Murphy would be to rent Clueless and another great movie she was in, The Ramen Girl, and watch them, or watch King of the Hill.

Written By Douglas Cobb


9 Responses to "Brittany Murphy Lifetime Biopic: Was Murphy Murdered?"

  1. betsy   September 13, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    My daughter would have been in the hospital yesterday. I am suspicious of the mom.

  2. donna   September 9, 2014 at 7:37 am

    I just saw this movie it’s so bad they could of involved her family & I think her mom has something to do with her daughter death I mean not taken her to the hospital & her husband could of did more I mean her death was so werid & months later her husband dies What!!!! I think they was poisoning or something how the hell you get the same illness as your spouse her illness I don’t think its contagious but they should of done alot more I don’t think the media killed her but people should know what comes with fame & if fame knocks you down than you should not be famous it’s a tough job you don’t live the way you want when your famous it’s not your life anymore it’s the media wish they can reopened the case give Brittany justice & her husband Rip Brittany

  3. Paula   September 9, 2014 at 1:47 am

    I watched this movie and then went on to watch everything I could re Brittany on youtube etc…I have to say everyone should listen to the 911 call, the mother is being told how to resuss her daughter and she is just ignoring the operator and fake crying! I don’t think the question should only be how she died, but also why did her mother and husband not seek medical attention. Her mother and husband did a larry king interview and they stated the morning Brittany died she told the mother she was dying and she loved her. Yet the mother still didnt take her to hospital or call a doctor!! As a mother myself nothing about her actions leading up to her daughters death seem right! Also the husband gets sick and the mother is with him when he’s dying and also doesn’t get him help! Lets him die, if that was me and my daughter had died because I didn’t take her to the hosp, I would be so guilt ridden that I probably would kill myself, and if anyone got sick around me ever again I would take them straight to the hospital!!! It was 5 months later and the husbands mother told her please take my son to the hospital and she said “no I’ve done this before he will be fine” What the actual f$/&! My mind boggles at all of the questions left unanswered regarding Brittany and her husbands death. Even though this movie was prett bad, it has definatley opened my eyes to a case I thought was open and shut, As far as I was concerned Brit was a druggie and she died from it. Come to find out she was very anti drugs and a very sweet, extremely talented person that I think n didn’t come close to reaching her full potential. If this had been Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts they would have not left a stone unturned but because it was Brittany, a supposed drug taker they just swept it all under the rug. Not good enough, someone needs to reopen this case, and the mother should want this more then anyone so the fact she doesn’t want it reopened is suspicious in itself. I am merely a 35 year old women from perth Australia that has only recently learnt of Brittany and I sure as hell want justice for this amazing person that deserves much more then she got! RIP Brittany.

    • Paula   September 9, 2014 at 1:58 am

      Also regarding the 911 call the husband and mother were so suspicious, the operator is telling them to pump the chest at a certain rhythm and when asked how many they had done, they were like 300 and the operator was like no it should not be around 200….they were not resuss eating Brittany because I think 1, she was either very dead at this stage, as they hadn’t called 911 straight away or 2 they didn’t want her to be resuscitated because then she would be able to tell what was really going on. Either way, how this was never investigated and the fact she told them she was dying and they just ignored it, someone needs to be held accountable.

      • Paula   September 9, 2014 at 1:59 am

        Sorry for the typos, ipad typing

  4. Sunshine   September 8, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    I just viewed the movie, so sad. I loved Brittany. I don’t believe Hollywood killed her it was her not being able to handle fame. The world’s view on her, the constant want of attention but couldn’t handle criticism, the ups and downs, the paparazzi. The mood swings etc. She wasn’t being treated properly for these issues by doctors instead Simon and her Mom playing doctor killed her.

  5. Recon   September 8, 2014 at 5:22 am

    The movie is not 100% as they admitted, so how do you know the people she lived with did that?? Brintney my have said she was fine and went on like most people do. I think hollywood killed her like many others.

  6. Sadie   September 8, 2014 at 12:01 am

    I just watched the movie too and had the same thoughts. Brittany Murphy would be alive today if the two idiots living off her income would have just called a doctor or 911 instead of just watching her get sicker and sicker each day.

  7. Tracy Chaves   September 7, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    I just saw the movie depecting the life of Brittany Murphy. And, I have to say, I know I wouldn’t have been able to watch my child in that condition for two weeks without getting them to a hospital. (If that was a true fact). Sharon Murphy should have stepped up as a Mom & Simon and taken that poor girl to get medical attention. Perhaps she would still be alive and we would be enjoying more of her great talent.


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