Dinosaur Believed to Be Largest Ever Lived Found in Argentina

Dinosaur Believed to Be Largest Ever Lived Found in Argentina

A dinosaur, which has been named Dreadnoughtus, is believed to be the largest land animal that ever lived has been found in Argentina. It was thought to have weighed 65 tons and been 26 meters long. The plant eating giant lived during the Cretaceous period which occurred between 65 and 85 million years ago and was named after the World War I British battleship called Dreadnought.

There have been various dinosaur species that have been considered colossal in size when equated to anything that is alive and walking on land at the present time. Their size is blatantly obvious the instant someone is dwarfed in their respective skeleton shadows inside museums. This is probably the main reason why people continue to be spellbound by the long died out creatures.

The massive size of the long necked type such as Brachiosaurus expands he limits of the human imagination and tends to drain the vocabulary. There also seems to get nothing else in the imagination flowing like the unearthing of yet another king of enormous new dinosaur.

This finding happens only a few months after another group of Argentine palaeontologists conveyed a somewhat older and actually even larger, long necked dinosaur. Although such information might seem to stretch reality, such animals actually existed. They lived, breathed and were evolving. However all claims have to be researched to be made sure they are actually true and not constructed on partial fossil evidence. It has to be proved that the small piece of battered bone they just discovered actually might have come from the largest, heftiest fiercest dinosaur that ever lived, at least that has been discovered to the present date.

However in the understanding of Dreadnoughtus is only on one bone but is based from over half of the skeleton. Ken Lacovara, who is a scientist at Drexel University and his group of palaeontologists, discovered pieces of the skull, numerous ribs and vertebrae, the majority of the shoulders, pelvis, forelimb and hind limb. Dr. Lacovara has written up a research paper that has been printed in the most recent edition of Scientific Reports.

This discovery of fossil material is unrivaled for an enormous long-necked dinosaur. Other candidates for huge dinosaurs are usually identified from only a small number of bones. Even though those dinosaurs were indeed large, trying to accurately assess their length and weight is problematic. However this has not been a problem with the Dreadnoughtus. Researchers can be guaranteed that the giant creature really did weigh around six times the amount as an elephant, and was longer than a pair of double-decker buses. The dinosaur was definitely huge and it is rather hard for humans to actually imagine watching one of these animals eating or moving across the Earth.

In order to figure this out is next test for the paleontologists who defined the giant. Now that a fairly complete skeleton of a large long necked dinosaur has been found, it will be easier to better comprehend how these animals functioned.

These dinosaurs apparently pushed the boundaries of what evolution is able of doing and scientists are only starting to understand how they were able to live as the largest creatures to ever move across the land. Dreadnoughtus is thought to have been the biggest land animal discovered up to the present time.

By Kimberly Ruble


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