Django Unchained Actress Detained by Police

Django Unchained

Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was detained by police this month. She is now reportedly suing the police of Los Angeles for the incident, claiming that her arm had been cut off during the incident. There are also claims that the police acted out due to her African-American race.

Watts was outside a Hollywood studio when she was arrested. Her white boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, claims that a neighbor saw the two kissing in a car and believed that he was meeting a prostitute. He used his Facebook page to complain about whoever called jumping to conclusions. All the person would see was a tattooed white man and short-haired black girl, and instantly believed that it had to be a client and his prostitute.

Watts should have been recognizable after appearing in Django Unchained produced by Quentin Tatantino, but police had to go through legal steps and asked her for her ID. When she refused, there was no other choice but to arrest her. According to CNN, the police would have the right to request this if they believed the actress was involved in something illegal.

However, Watts argues that she should not have had to produced her ID. She was fully clothed and had not been involved in illegal activity. She defended her right not to produce the ID on request, even though that made her look guilty. The actress was with her father at the time of the arrest.

The Django Unchained actress was then detained by police. After being released, she took to social media to tell her side of the story. She also explained to the media why she refused to show her ID.

Watts spoke out about the incident and claimed that there was a racial element to it. On her Facebook page, she took the time to remember when her own father would feel humiliated and frustrated by police, despite never being guilty of something.

While she was in the police car, she refused to let the police feel her guilty for nothing. She was later photographed crying, but states that they were angry tears over the situation. There was a failure on the country, which claims it is the land of the free. It turns out that it is not free for everyone.

During the arrest, she claims that the handcuffs cut into her wrist. She was left bleeding due to the unnecessary force from the police. She and her boyfriend have now sought legal advice to sue the police for the treatment. The police department has also confirmed that an investigation into the incident has been released, and claimed that the police responded upon a report filed by a member of the public. Watts was released as soon as it was confirmed she was not involved in any criminal activity.

The case is ongoing for Watts and Lucas as they get to the bottom of the way that police acted at the time. The argument is that by showing her ID could have helped prevent the incident going too far. However, this does not explain the alleged force that was used when the Django Unchained actress was detained by police.

By Alexandria Ingham


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