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Migraines Could Be Treated With Meditation and Glaucoma Medication?



Recent reports show the glaucoma medication and meditation could both help treat migraines. However, much more research is needed, especially when it comes to the use of eye drops created for another health problem. At least meditation is something that everyone can do without health risks.

This could be good news from those who suffer from serious migraines on a regular basis. At the moment, only around 50 percent of people will find preventative medications useful, and that is only 50 percent of the time. This was found by Stanford’s associate professor of neurology, Sheena Aurora.

There are reportedly three alternative and promising medications available, including Cefaly and Botox. Cefaly is already approved by the Food and Drug Adminitration (FDA), and is a band placed across a patient’s forehead. It is a preventative technique, so should be used even if a patient is not suffering from a migraine at the time. Studies show that 30 percent of participants will see a reduction in the number of these severe headaches suffered from each month.

Botox is another option, and helps to relax the muscles in the face. In 2010, scientists looked into whether this would also help to decrease the number of severe headaches. Now the FDA has approved the use of Botox for the headaches. However, it is something that some patients avoid due to the neck pain and bruising associated with it.

Now it is possible that glaucoma medication and meditation could be used to treat migraines. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center researchers performed a study on 19 migraine sufferers. For eight weeks, some took part in meditation for 30 minutes every day. Those who did the meditation had fewer severe headaches than those who did not. On average, they had around 1.4 fewer each month.

While the results for the meditation are not large, the severity could decrease with more meditation. There is also the element of having control over the situation, which can frustrate some patients.

When it comes to the glaucoma medication, scientists have found that the drops can help stop the severe headaches before they get too much for patients to deal with. Just using one or two drops of the medication in the eyes can help stop a migraine in its tracks.

Seven patients detailed their experience with migraines and the eye drops. Ophthalmologists John Hagan and Carl Migliazzo found that they had all found that the eye drops helped bring complete or almost complete relief from the severe headaches. There were many limitations with this study, including that all patients were female. However, it does bring up the potential for future studies.

Many sufferers just want to know how they can get rid of their severe headaches. Everyday painkillers are not enough to handle the pain in most cases, and it can lead to people having to sleep to get rid of the pain; taking up most of their day. However, there seem to be a number of alternative therapies available. Patients could opt for meditation or even glaucoma medication to treat their migraines.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Washington Post



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