Duck Dynasty Video Game Coming Soon [Video]

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty, the reality show from the A&E channel, is poaching on new territory across multiple video game consoles soon. The series has spread to several digital mediums, even with the worry that the popularity is waning for the duck-based program. A lot of those fears, and the subsequent dip in popularity, are attached to comments made by one of the show’s stars, but the representatives at Activision, the development and publishing company behind the video game project, feel this is the most profitable move for them.

The new video game property, showcased in the trailer below, is going to bring the Robertson family to their fans, and give them the opportunity to join as an honorary member. The plot of the game will, apparently, allow the player to do random acts of vandalism—pulling pranks, blowing up things—to ingratiate themselves with the show’s main stars. Other activities would seem to include hunting ducks, fishing, racing boats and driving their car as well as using a duck call from the first-person perspective.

The Duck Dynasty video game is coming from Activision, publishers of the newly released Destiny as well as Call of Duty and other titles, and one of their internal studios. Fun Labs is that studio taking the helm of this title, and has a game log that includes Cabela’s Hunting games, Rapella’s Fishing games and Men in Black: Alien Crisis. Fans that are interested in this game, then, can rest assured that the title is in hands that are familiar with the type of gameplay that will likely be associated with this game. No other gameplay modes were announced besides a story mode. The game is set for release on Oct. 14, the same day as several other titles including a new Borderlands entry, for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo 3DS.

The show’s explosive popularity has moved them heavily into merchandise stands across the country as well as the digital market. Earlier this year, an application for the Apple crowd was released for their family of devices that gave fans the ability to “dress-up” in various beards that were based off the show’s own. There are also other types of merchandise spread across completely different retailers nationwide. From Bass Pro Shop to Kroger and Kohl’s, DVDs are just the beginning of the merchandising line that includes actual duck calls, camouflage and a variety of fishing lures.

A video game for the Duck Dynasty show comes almost a year after some inflammatory remarks were made by star Phil Robertson, and only a few months removed from the show being on thin ice from a ratings perspective. As of March of this year, their Q-score, which measures popularity of shows and celebrities, had taken a 20 percent hit with popularity with women taking the largest hit with a 29 percent drop. Robertson’s individual score dropped 34 percent and lent to a 40 percent drop in ratings for the year-to-year average. Since then, the show has recovered slightly, or at least enough to bring Activision to make a Duck Dynasty title fir fans across the hardware generations to play.

By Myles Gann


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