Fruit for Fall – 5 Delicious Ways to Cleanse

Fruit for Fall

Fall has officially entered the scene in the Northern hemisphere and with its return, one may look to at least 5 fantastic fruits which help to cleanse the body in preparation for heading into the cold of the winter months.

It’s no big shocker that with colder weather comes greater immunity challenges. The body has a more difficult time staying healthy while cooped up inside office buildings and homes with the heater cranked up. Where sunshine and naturally warmer temperatures encourage the body to detoxify more automatically and keep emotional tensions low, colder and darker months can present more of a challenge.

Due to the high water content of most fruits, they are a tremendous tool for assisting a systematic detoxification process, which can fortify the body to withstand the onslaught of cold weather companions, such as the common cold and depression, that many find not so friendly.

As the weather shifts and winds of change make their way into the hallways of life, it is nice to know nature has our backs. Congestion, fevers, viruses and the mental/emotional counterparts of depression, anxiety, anger and negative thought patterns can be warded off by enacting some preventative methods now, some of which are found in your harvest fruit basket.

1- Apples
That’s right, apples are a delicious fall fruit which works wonders in the body for all sorts of purposes, including detoxification and cleansing. Due to the high fiber and water content, along side the powerful PH-balancing effects of your common apple, this precious fruit, so often associated with America and freedom, can do more than keep the doctor away. Apples are known for their cancer-protecting, immune boosting, cholesterol lowering and teeth whitening properties, but did you know apples do a bushel-load for helping to detox your liver?

Renowned Master Herbalist Dr. Christopher recommends the three-day juice fast utilizing distilled water, alternating with freshly juiced apples for a potent detox that will set your PH right for heading into the winter season. You might also choose one of two other options for such a fast, such as carrots or #2 on our list for powerful cleansing fall fruits – grapes.

2- Grapes
September and October mark the time of the harvest and traditionally the Fall Equinox would be celebrated by the stomping of the grapes for making wine. Fresh grapes contain a high level of antioxidants which help to strengthen the capillaries and the heart – identifiable by their purple/red color. Grapes are especially potent in the antioxidant Resveratrol, which has been found to reduce aging and cleanse the brain of potential toxins which could contribute to Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses. Grapes and grape juice are fantastic for cleaning the entire body system of unwanted toxins and built-up, stagnant energy. They are sweet, refreshing and send nutrients straight to the noggin, and who couldn’t use more of that?

3- Watermelon
As the summer sun wanes, the melons only get bigger, especially the watermelons. Beautiful, green skinned fruits containing the highest water-content flesh is also best for flushing the kidneys and urinary bladder, ridding these vital organs of build-up, stones and potentially harmful substances which could weaken them over time, especially if you are a big soda drinker – (which can tax the kidneys extensively). Watermelons are delicious and easy to juice or just eat with the hands, lending joy and ease to the whole idea of cleansing and detoxification. Who knew you could flush your body while chomping down a sweet-fleshed treat?

4- Lemons
If you live in Southern California, Arizona, Mexico or any other citrus loving area of the world, this time of year is positively bursting with all manner of PH balancing citrus fruits, especially lemons. As featured in the well-popular detox regimen known as The Master Cleanse, the juice of lemon, mixed with pure water, a little maple syrup and a dash of cayenne combine to create a most effective way to cleanse and detoxify the system while enjoying one of falls finest fruits.

Though lemons seem acidic, they actually bring the human body back to proper PH balance, warding off acidic conditions that can cause cancer, heart disease, digestive ailments and mental disturbances (among other things – as disease thrives in an acidic environment).

5- Plums
As the air gets crisper, the sweet bulbs of the plum tree ripen for the picking, especially the European variety. The full-water version of prunes, popularized for their ability to set the colon working properly, can similarly aide the system in detoxing and readying for a season when dinner meals might get a little heavier.

Plums are often over-looked in their potentiality for health benefits, though nothing could be further from the truth. The fiber in plums is particularly beneficial for balancing blood sugar levels and aiding in weight loss by causing glucose to delay its absorption into the blood stream. Plums are extremely high in Vitamin C – important for strong immunity, and phenols, which assist in lowering negative cholesterol.

If you decide to use fruit to cleanse, more than just eating a few extra per day, be sure to follow proper cleansing/detoxification guidelines as outlined in the Master Cleanse source below or by doing ample research on fruit cleansing. Though detoxing with fruit is fairly friendly, it is always a good idea to be aware of normal symptoms that may occur when setting the body into detox mode -such as possible fatigue, processing of “old emotions,” increased trips to the bathroom or flu-like sensations.  Drink lots of water and don’t be afraid of getting the yuck out of your system rather than keep it in there to feed a cold later on.

Yes, with Autumn in full-array, it is time to start seeing all the ways nature’s delicious fall fruits are beneficial for cleansing the body and sending it into the cold geared up with strength and resilience.  If you can’t get yourself to the farmer’s market or the local orchard, find your freshest fruit at a nearby grocer and let the cleansing begin!

By Stasia Bliss

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