Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Reveals His Thoughts on ISIS [Video]

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson has revealed his thoughts on the Sunni jihadist group ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). These thoughts were revealed via an interview on the Fox news show Hannity, which took place on Tuesday night.

When asked how he felt regarding the recent beheadings of American journalists in the Middle East, Robertson wasted no time in telling host Sean Hannity exactly where he stood on the matter. He believes that there are only two options when it comes to dealing with the group; either find a way to convert them out of their extreme beliefs and violent ways of life, or put them to death. He went on to assure viewers that he in no way is of the opinion that the second option is more viable than the first, but stating that if worst came to worst it would be the only way to end the group’s reign of terror.

Robertson’s comment comes just days after the news broke that ISIS had beheaded a second American journalist, whom they had been holding captive since his disappearance in Syria in August of 2013. His family reportedly kept the news of his being held hostage from the media in an attempt to keep him alive, as they feared the ISIS members holding him would retaliate if a story broke out regarding the matter. The group released a video detailing Steven Sotloff and his executor just moments before the beheading occurred, with Sotloff’s killer giving the American government the warning that as long as United States President Barack Obama continued to order air strikes on Iraq, more and more American citizens would continue to meet their fate. The first journalist, James Foley, was executed last month. The video of his execution has been circulated on the internet since its original YouTube release, which has since been removed.

Robertson has found himself in hot water regarding his religious views in previous circumstances, most significantly in his interview with GQ magazine that took place in December of 2013. The 68-year-old compared the act of homosexuality to that of bestiality, saying that the immorality of the two were comparable and both a sin in their own right. The comment lead to the Louisiana native’s suspension from the A&E network, effectively firing him from the Robertson family’s hit reality show Duck Dynasty, on which he was a prominent character. The suspension was lifted shortly thereafter, upon the rest of the cast’s insistence that they would not continue production without him. A few months later, the businessman created even more controversy when he expressed his view that men should marry women as young as possible in order to ensure the female’s productivity for as long as possible, and to limit the likelihood of being married simply for their money. Robertson continues to stand by both of these statements, refusing to back down from what he feels are his beliefs, and also his right to an opinion.

Phil Robertson continues to stand by his opinion that the United States government has no choice but to either convert or kill the members of the Sunni jihadist group ISIS. United States President Barack Obama, however, is reportedly still looking a different means of extinguishing the conflict between his government and the group.

By Rebecca Grace

Huffington Post

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