Electric Car for Wheelchair Bound Consumers? [Video]

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It is true, and this company has been around for a few years now, however the money constraints Kenguru is facing is slowing down production on their electric car for those that are confined to wheelchairs. Many cannot imagine the limits set forth for those that face life in a wheelchair, and transportation is a large part of the restrictions that many of these people face. Stacy Zoern is one of these people, she has spinalĀ muscular atrophy and has had it since birth. She did experience driving for a brief time in a van that was fitted with equipment for wheelchair use, but unfortunately after an accident the van was totaled. Zoern never drove again.

Fast forward to 2010 nearly a decade after that car accident, Zoern found an electric car online that was designed exclusively for wheelchair users, but unfortunately it was also just a prototype and not available for sale. She did not let that stop her, so she found the inventor and told him she would like to get this invention to the United States from his home in Hungary and put it into production.

electric carToday Kenguru is a fully functional electric car whose intended use is to get around neighborhoods in a low-speed vehicle manufactured just for those in wheelchairs. Its footprint is small in many ways as it is eco-friendly, and it is just around seven by five feet in size. This unique mode of transportation is targeted for production in 2015 with a price tag that is much cheaper than retrofitting vehicles which could run upwards of $50,000, and still require the user to have help entering and exiting the car. These little gems of innovation will run around $20,000 and to give someone the freedom to get around, that is priceless.

Zoern has a website that will allow those that are interested to put a $100 placeholder on one of these cars, and also a place for those interested in investing to get involved. The more investors will mean the sooner that these electric cars can start being manufactured. A dream that started so long ago is getting very close to fruition. Zoern to this day does not have her own vehicle as her upper body strength is not enough to control the handle bar steering, but as she states in the video below, she is moving towards the next style of theĀ Kenguru, which will be joystick driven to make this an option to those with good motor skills but less strength.

This vehicle is truly innovative when compared to other wheel chair accessible cars, as this one requires no help from anyone to get in and get secured. The rear entry design combined with the fact that it is an electric car is sure to make this a company to watch. They are currently estimating a build of 500 vehicles in 2015 with a goal of yearly numbers around 4,000 vehicles. In the video interview with Translogic the consumer will see just how this electric car works, and just how innovative it is. This could revolutionize the workforce by allowing many more wheelchair bound people to have access by having a way of getting to and from a job.

By Kristi Cereska

The Verge

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