Special Needs Teenage Student Used as ‘Bait’ to Catch Rapist Is Raped

Special Needs Teenage Student Bait' Rapist Is Raped

An Alabama special needs teenage student, age 14, was used as “bait” by teachers who wanted to try and catch a rapist. However the teen girl was in turn raped herself inside a bathroom. The disturbing plan happened at Sparkman Middle School in the town of Toney, Alabama. The teachers planned to catch the boy rapist, age 16, after he came out of one of the school’s bathrooms. Instead he raped the girl inside a different bathroom.

The rape occurred back in 2010 and the teenage girl’s family has subsequently filed suit against the Madison School Board and faculty. When various media outlets reported the story, they stated that what the teenage girl went through was an inconceivable horror. The 14-year-old, who had special needs, was allegedly raped at her school after a teacher’s aide convinced her to perform as bait in order to catch the suspected sexual predator which was a companion student. Both the Department of Justice and also the U.S. Department of Education have filed briefs that support the teen’s family’s federal lawsuit against the Madison County School in the state of Alabama.

The attempt to nab the rapist went askew when the vice principal at the middle school, along with various other teachers, were waiting on the outside of the wrong bathroom. The suspect had asked the girl to meet with him not in the bathroom on the special needs students’ hallway, but instead inside the bathroom on the sixth-grade boy’s hallway which was located in a totally different area of the school.

The Sparkman Middle School faculty had gotten numerous complaints and information that the teenage boy had been tempting girls into various bathrooms and demanding sex from them. The boy was supposedly involved sexually with at least a dozen girls. The teen boy did not receive any kind of punishment because he was never “caught in the act,” stated the school in previous released comments.

The attorney for the girl and her family stated that the boy had an extensive history of sexual and other misconduct while in school and administrators knew about it. The boy had been involved in at least 15 other sex related or violent episodes of misconduct before the suspected rape with the special needs student. However after the alleged rape with the teenage girl, school representatives tried to propose the sex was consensual between the two, states the lawsuit.

What is believed to have really happened is the suspected predator come up to the victim and asked her for sex. It was something she repeatedly refused but when the teen girl informed the teacher’s aide of what had happened, the aide encouraged the girl to  agree to meet up with the boy inside the bathroom where teachers would be positioned in order to catch him in the act before anything would be able to happen. The girl, at first, refused to do it but then agreed, stated her lawyer Eric Artrip.

Attorney Artrip explained that he found extensive evidence of a powerful rape, and that was what happened here. The idea she agreed to this horrible event and somehow permitted it to happen is unbelievable. The teenager is a special needs student and was used by teachers as “bait” who wanted to try and catch this rapist. The deed has basically destroyed her entire life.

By Kimberly Ruble


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  1. Tabitha Farrar   September 23, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Great article, but on such an awful subject!!! Poor girl!

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