Epic Dance Moves A – Z [Video]


Epic dance moves can be found in any culture, in any country, and this video puts them all together from A to Z. Dance can move the soul and speaks to people in many  different ways, whether one prefers the more classic Dancing With the Stars, or the more modern, So You Think You can Dance.  Black, white, young or old, there is something for all viewers to get in touch with their inner dancer.

Starting with the letter A, the viewer will see an Arabesque, which is the classic ballet move in which the ballerina balances on one foot, while extending the other out backwards as they spin in fluid movement. A delightful way to start the clip, which then segways into a classic street dance, which they are calling B-Girl, and highlights dancing in the street on top of a cardboard dance floor.

The evolution of dance chronicles how the moves have changed and elevated throughout the years, where as this is highlighting all the epic moves of today’s pop culture. Some will be familiar while others will enlighten the fans with lesser known steps, and some that emphasize only specific parts of the body. “Death Drop” for D and “Finger Tut” for F will warrant a pause and rewind, to be fully immersed in the intricacies that are involved to master the moves.

Some forms of dance allow even the least musically inclined person to feel the moment and imitate the less technical moves. The “Harlem Shake” will make some jump up and follow suit, and the video is only to H, so catch a breath and move into J for “Jump Style.” Jumping will get the heart pumping and even if it is not done as technically correct as the dancer, it is fun to try.

K is for “Krump” and is one of the styles frequently seen on So You Think You Can Dance. Lil C who is a regular on the hit dance show as a judge is also renowned for his krump choreography. This type of dance was first seen in Los Angeles in the 1990’s and was described as an aggressive street dance. It has since evolved and has become one of the most easily recognizable forms of movement, whether on TV or on the street.

Jumping the alphabet to P, we find “Pole Dancing” which started in the strip clubs and has become a popular workout as well as an art form. Strength is the key to this dance, and many find the poetry and symmetry of the dancer with the pole mesmerizing indeed. Moving on to Q, one finds the dance moves many can relate to, and that would be “Questionable.” Fans of dance can find beauty in even the jerkiest of steps, and less coordinated movements of those that love to dance no matter who is watching.

Jumping again to X for “Xpress Yourself” seems to be a modern-day mantra that those of today’s young generation have adopted. No one should be afraid to express themselves creatively or through dance, and this video is proof that no matter where home is, or what gender a person is, volumes can be said without saying a word.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska


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  1. Fern Remedi-Brown   September 18, 2014 at 6:06 am

    Very fun topic and excellent story! Well-written. Hard to write on such an A-Z topic, but you knocked it out of the park! (I’m not too into the lyrics of Le1f’s song, “Wut,” – “I make a neo-nazi kamikaze wanna firebomb” – but the music works with the dance moves perfectly.) Nicely documented.


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