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Face Off: Judge Match (Recap/Review)

*Contains Spoilers*


Face Off: Judge Match (Recap/Review)

Face Off: Judge Match gave the remaining contestants a break this week by focussing on the judges and allowing them to “strut their stuff” by competing against one another. Although, new judge Lois Burwell did not compete. The three who did go head to head were Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page. The show brought in finalists and winners from prior seasons of Face Off to help the judges and the winner of this one-off contest could give $5,000 to their favorite charity.

Hetrick chose the North Shore Animal League which supports animals who have been mistreated, Neill’s charity of choice was A Window Between Worlds which focusses on women and children who are the victims of violence and Page wanted to donate to the Orangutan Foundation International which deals with conservation, rehabilitation and protection of the animal.

On top of the $5,000 for the charities, each judge’s team member whose judge won would be receiving $5,000 each for their participation. Hetrick chose Laura and Wayne, Neville picked Miranda and Anthony and Ve picked Connor and Roy.

The challenge for this week was to take two chess pieces and turn them into “living breathing” characters that would feel like they belonged in a fantasy film. The final bit of the competition was that out of the two creations one had to be “pure and pristine” and the other had to be “evil and twisted.”

Lois Burwell was not included in this “special” challenge of a Face Off: Judge Match and it was never really explained why although she was involved, as was Ms. Westmore’s father the legendary Michael Westmore the two were observers. The chess pieces chosen by each judge were: Glenn; the knight and the king, Neville; the bishop and a pawn, Ve; the rook and the queen.

Both Michael and Lois were there to provide feedback on the creations, but not to vote on the winners. This was one last twist to the contest. The judges themselves, and their team members, had to vote on the winner and they could not vote for themselves. The added fillip surprised all the competitors.

After choosing their teams, the three judges got busy creating their characters. For the three experts, the design portion went very quickly and after coming up with their ideas, the teams and the judges jumped into action. Neville chose to let his team work on the creature while he worked on a digital presentation of the characters. He was the only competitor to do this.

Ve managed to stay ahead of both her challengers, so much so that she had time to keep checking out how far along they were compared to her. Neville was the “joker” of the group, at one point he announced, “Okay it’s time to put everything away…” no one believed him though. Neville also attempted a little psychological warfare on Glenn’s team.

Hetrick and his team are not affected by the other judge’s attempts to “derail” his creations. Glenn showed that not only was he unflappable but that he can think outside of the box with no problem. McKenzie came in to tell the judges that they had one hour left and Neville responded by saying, “No!”

Neville summed things up nicely by observing “so this is how it feels” and his jokingly expressed statement, “Face Off is hard.”

This week’s episode of Face Off: Judge Match felt odd without the hopefuls that have been competing and whose numbers have been dwindling throughout season seven. It was, however, a great chance for the viewing audience to see just why the judges have the reputations that they have earned from their film work. Each judge went through the process of explaining how they came up with their characters and revealed why they asked which team member to do what task. Then everyone voted and the end result was that Neville won for his chess fantasy creatures. Next week the show will go “back to normal.”

By Michael Smith