Game of Thrones Season 5 Will Have No Bran and Hodor

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Bran and Hodor fans will be disappointed as the two characters will not appear in Game of Thrones season five. The actors have confirmed that they have a year off, while the storyline focuses on other characters in the novels.

Kristian Nairn, who plays the giant who can only say his name, believes that their storyline is towards the end of the books, so the writers are waiting until season six. However, it could be a way for the writers to drag out the books considering George R.R. Martin is still working on the sixth book in the series. HBO knows that something needs to happen so the TV show does not catch up and surpass the books. Only Martin officially knows the ending.

Game of Thrones fans will remember that season four focused a lot on Bran Stark and Hodor. They were joined by Meera Reed and her now deceased brother, Jojen, as they made their way beyond The Wall. It was all for Bran to finally meet The Children, which happened at the very end of the season. The major cliffhanger will have fans reeling at the idea of the creatures beyond The Wall, and what it means for the likes of the White Walkers and the Men of the Night’s Watch.

Martin did do something similar within his books. He decided to leave out character storylines to focus on others, seemingly more important, at the time. Some book fans have complained, but others have enjoyed sticking with one character storyline and then being able to move on once they have had enough.

So far, the show runners have not confirmed that there will be no Bran and Hodor in Game of Thrones season five, but Nairn seems pretty confident in the matter. He mentioned about taking his Rave of Thrones to a new level around the world during his year off.

If this happens, it opens up other possibilities. Other characters would be left out later on in the series. Theon could be avoided for a season, while The Wall could be avoided entirely. The latter is unlikely considering Stanis Baratheon is now there, so that would take out two storylines at least. Some will even question if Cersei, Tyrion and Daenerys will be avoided later on in the show.

Fans will not likely be disappointed for long, though. Season five of Game of Thrones is introducing a new land. Dorne will be featured this year, as viewers get to see the aftermath of Oberyn Martell. It will be interesting to see his children and siblings react, and just how they treat Cersei’s daughter afterwards. The scenes for Dorne are set in Spain, adding another country to the list of countries the show is shot in.

Many of the book readers are torn on how exciting the storylines will be. According to many, the fourth and fifth books are the most boring of the lot, and these are the books used for the next two seasons. However, the writers may have found a way to entertain people and having no Bran and Hodor in Game of Thrones season five may be one of those ways.

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