Game of Thrones Will Have Naked Cersei Scene

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans may be happy to hear that the naked Cersei scenes will be filmed. There were possibilities that the writers would have to make changes after a Croatia church viewed the scenes are immoral. Compromises have been made to make sure the storyline sticks to the books as much as possible.

As little detail as possible will be shared for those who have not read A Song of Ice and Fire. However, there are scenes were Cersei walks down a street fully naked and then goes into a church. A fake church is being built, as the compromise for the filming.

The Catholic Church of St. Nicholas in the capital of Croatia was completely against any of the Game of Thrones scenes. It was completely expected, and the show runners knew that changes would need to be made to the storyline. Considering some of the changes already made to the storyline—like Robb Stark’s marriage and his wife’s death in the infamous Red Wedding—fans may be surprised to hear that the writers want to stick to the storyline.

It could be that this is just one storyline that so many fans have been excited to see. It is a major part of the books, and will be a major aspect going forward. Only the least major parts of storylines have been cut or changed in the past, including not introducing Lady Stoneheart as she has not appeared since in the books.

The producers are allowed to have Cersei, played by Lena Hadley, walk through Stadun Street and into the Sponza Palace. However, nothing can be filmed within the church, so a fake one has been created for the purpose of it. It just shows that religion and entertainment can work together when both sides are willing to make compromises. It means that Game of Thrones will have the naked Cersei scene that fans have been waiting for.

That is not all! A Song of Ice and Fire writer George R.R. Martin has confirmed that there may be more male sex scenes in the story. He will not shy away from writing them, but there will have to be a need for them.

Many fans have complained that while there have been enough female sex scenes to wet their appetites, there is a severe lack of male ones. Readers want more, and Martin does want to make them happy. However, many writers will understand that a scene cannot be added just for the sake of adding it. There needs to be the right time and place, and Martin will only write them if there is one. There is no guarantee that something will pop up, but he will not share more of the upcoming storyline.

He was previously attacked for the amount of violence and lack of sex scenes in his novels. Martin has defended his actions, particularly having so much violence, by wanting to remain as honest to real-life as possible. Would that be the reason he originally wrote the naked Cersei scene, which will now definitely appear in Game of Thrones?

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