Joan Rivers Out of Intensive Care for More Comfort

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has been moved out of intensive care for more comfort. However, she remains in a medically induced coma after attempts to remove her from it failed. Prayers and well-wishes are still appreciated by the family.

The 81-year-old was rushed to hospital after she went into cardiac arrest while at a private clinic on August 28. She was there for surgery on her vocal cords, which was supposed to be a routine operation. Many have argued that the procedure should have been done in a hospital considering her age.

Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, has kept fans updated on the comedian’s recovery through Twitter. She has also continually thanked people for sending so many well-wishes in various forms, including on social media and comments on articles. It has been overwhelming just how many supporters and kind people there are in the world.

When she first updated fans about the move from the ICU, she failed to mentioned whether her mother was still on life support. There were attempts to remove the comedian from the medically induced coma around that time. However, on Tuesday, she confirmed that her mother was still on life support and still in the medically induced coma.

Rivers has been moved out of intensive care for more comfort, according to the tweet on Tuesday. There is also the possibility that it is for more privacy too.

Some may have wondered what this all means for the show the comedian co-hosted on E!. It has since been confirmed that Fashion Police will not be filmed until she is able to return to the camera. For now, E! From Fashion Week specials will be aired for the next two weeks. While many fans expected this to happen, some have commented that it shows that the network cares. However, others have cynically suggest that E! is only doing this because it would be considered disrespectful to do anything different.

While in Mount Sinai Hospital, friends close to the 81-year-old have confirmed that she is growing stronger with each day. There is hope that she will not be left in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. However, it is unknown just how much damage has occurred until she is brought around from her medically induced coma. Doctors will want to know if she has full use of all limbs, and is able to speak. There are fears that brain damage will have occurred to parts of the brain that control language or motor skills.

The procedure was routine, and reportedly to correct concerns that Rivers had. Jay Redack confirmed that it was becoming more raspy, and the vocal cord surgery was the only option. She had joked about her “little procedure,” but nobody ever expected her to go into cardiac arrest and stop breathing.

There is hope that she will continue to make a full recovery, and many fans have kept her within their prayers. Those who do not pray have sent well wishes. However, while Rivers has been moved from intensive care, it is more for her own comfort than anything else.

By Alexandria Ingham


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