Jimmy Fallon Plays Random Object Football Toss With Blake Shelton [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on this Hump Day, Jimmy welcomed his guests, country music megastar, Blake Shelton and comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim from Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories on Adult Swim. Twisted fun times are ahead, as Jimmy Fallon will also be playing a game called Random Object Football Toss with Blake Shelton. Sheila E. sat in with the Tonight Show‘s house band, The Roots.

Jimmy Fallon got a standing ovation from the audience as he walked onto the stage and welcomed them to the Tonight Show. Jimmy said that President Obama will be at a NATO summit, “wearing his tannest suit.”

Fallon also mentioned the Dallas Cowboys signing Michael Sam to their practice squad. He said that “especially happy were the cop, the fireman, and the construction worker.” The Roots then launched into a rendition of the song YMCA.

“Of course, Apple is still having troubles in the wake of the iCloud naked photos scandal,” Jimmy Fallon said. “Don’t take naked pictures of yourself. Do what I do and get them hand-drawn by Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Then, Fallon joked about the car wreck that Justin Bieber got involved in in Canada.”More troubles for Justin Bieber when he crashed his car into a van. Bieber said ‘You ruined my car!’ and Rob Ford said ‘You ruined my house!'”

“There’s talk that Warner Brothers is attempting to remake Full House,” he said, then showing a clip of old people with the Full House theme song playing. Bob Saget still looked that same, prompting Fallon to say “Bob Saget does not age!”

Then, Jimmy Fallon held up a book The Beat of My Own Drum, Shiela E.’s autobiography. He introduced Shiela E., who is sitting in with The Roots tonight. Fallon said his first guest will be Blake Shelton of The Voice and he mentioned that they would be playing the game Random Football Toss. Then, he said the Tim and Eric will be his second guests.

Jimmny Fallon did a “Picture This” comedy bit, where two people wrote “It took me two years to tie the knot.” in the first case, the picture was of Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie; in the second photo, it was of a shoe, and Joe Biden had supposedly said it.

“Best Buy and Radio Shack posted ‘for only a hundred dollars, this could be yours!” Jimmy Fallon said. “Best Buy posted a picture of an iPhone 5 and Radio Shack posted a picture of a Radio Shack.”

“The last one,” Fallon said, “is from Jennifer Lawrence and Larry King. The caption is ‘The only way to stop embarrassing leaks.’ The first picture from Jennifer Lawrence is of the Supreme Court; Larry King posted a picture of Depends.”

Back on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon introduced Blake Shelton, coach on The Voice and country music star. On September 30, he will be releasing his 11th album, Bringing Back the Sunshine.

“I love you. I’m a big fan of yours,” Fallon said, congratulating him for being nominated for three CMA awards.

“I love you, too, Jimmy,” Blake said.

“I doubt that,” Fallon said.

Then, Jimmy Fallon bragged about his new truck, and Blake said “My wife has that kind of truck.”

Jimmy Fallon told Blake that two of Blake’s songs about trucks are on his playlist.

“Let’s be honest. Were they songs that you added or that people recommend that you add?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jimmy said.

“Is it clean?” Shelton asked. He messed with Fallon about his having a clean truck, saying that trucks need to be dirty and used to carry around dead animals in the backs of them.

Fallon claimed “It’s a country truck. I’m going to haul pumpkins around in it.”

“Adam would have to win again just to tie with me,” Blake said when Jimmy asked him about who has won the most times on The Voice.

When Fallon held up the album, Fallon asked Blake “Where are the pictures of you?”

“They’re inside, like a Hustler,” Blake told him. He will be singing Neon Light from his new album later in the show.

“You’re high right now, aren’t you?” Blake asked at one point in their conversation.

“No, I’m not,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy Shelton

“That’s alright; I don’t judge,” Blake told him. When the Tonight Show returns from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon and Blake will play Random Object Football Toss.

Back from the break, in honor of Thursday night NFL beginning tomorrow with the Seattle Seahawks playing the Green Bay Packers, they will both be using Random Objects as footballs. The objects included a submarine sandwich, a head with a wig on it –Blake threw his and missed the hole they were aiming at. Then, Fallon threw his and also missed. The next two random object each threw, both Fallon and Blake missed the hole. Shelton finally got a score when he managed to throw a pitcher of beer nuts through the hole.

Then, they got to the Eight-Layer Bean Dip. Both of them missed. Next, was the so-called “Money Ball.” Fallon was singing a crazy song about the “Money Ball,” cracking Blake up. The “Money Balls” were actually bullhorns, one of which Fallon had been using to sing about “Money Balls” with. Both Fallon and Blake missed; Fallon declared that Blake was the winner.

Jimmy Fallon

Next on the Tonight Show, after a commercial break, Jimmy mentioned that Tim and Eric’s Bedtime stories will be starting on Adult Swim soon. Tim helped Eric, who was blindfolded, into his chair. “He hasn’t eaten all day,” Tim said. “His dream has come true. Keep quiet and let him guess where he is.” The Roots played some Latin music and Eric said “Am I in Cuba? Havana?”

When Eric was finally told he was on the Tonight Show, he acted like he was freaking out and scared.

“This is for YOU!” Tim screamed at him. “I thought he would be happy. I’m sorry,” Eric said.

“I”m sorry, guys — I was disoriented. One more of these sausages and I’ll be fine,” Eric said, chowing down on a plate of mini sausages that were brought out to sooth him and calm him down.

They talked about an episode, which also had Zach Galifianakis in a plot where they can get paid $1,000, but they have to live in a haunted house for the rest of their lives. The clip for the upcoming series looked pretty funny.

Blake Shelton closed out The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon singing a song from his upcoming album, Neon Light. “There’s a neon light,/At the end of a tunnel, tunnel,” was one of the lines. It sounded like a pretty cool song, maybe one that will earn Blake Shelton yet another CMA award and possibly a handful of others. It will be great to see him and Adam Levine back on The Voice, trading quips and insults with each other. Checking out how well Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani do and how they interact with Blake and Adam will also be fun to watch.

Written By Douglas Cobb

The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton Play Random Object Football Toss/Courtesy NBC

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  2. Douglas Cobb   September 3, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    Good advice; tossing heads is best left for English class or Chemistry.

  3. Bill Severson   September 3, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Don’t toss heads this week in American history


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