Facebook Taking on Google in Search Results?


It seems like Facebook is planning on taking on Google when it comes to search results. The social media site is improving its search posts function for mobile users, and asking a select few to try it out.

The search function will work similarly to Google’s search engine, by searching for keywords. It could mean that people can bring up friends’ past status updates just by searching for specific words contained within it. It will allow people to see posts from the start, without having to trail through update after update.

However, many question the need for this. Users on the social media giant have rarely used the updates for anything that would require searching for. The most important updates are often on fanpages. It has only been recently that videos, images and news reports have been shared multiple times across the site.

There are a handful of Facebook status updates that people may want to search for. These could include updates about a particular event or images from a specific time. People could search for their friends’ names and the name of the event, and bring up all the posts that link to that keyword phrase.

So far, only a select few have the option for this and it is only available on the app. The computer website version already has something similar to this with the Graph Search. This caused outrage when it was first introduced, as it allowed people to search for others based on job and location, among other relatively private information.

It seems like Facebook simply wants to take on Google in the search results industry, and this is the first step to do this. Just recently, Google announced that its authorship program was being halted indefinitely, hinting that businesses are being put first at all times. This could certainly open the doors for another search engine to storm the world as Google did in 1997.

Facebook taking this position would make sense. It is already the number one social media site, so becoming the number one search engine would definitely be up on its list of things to accomplish. It would also be quicker to create a search engine and market it to the masses, compared to a new, never-hear-of-before company stepping into the shoes of the search engine giant, Google.

The problem is people are already concerned about privacy when it comes to the social media giant. Facebook is notorious for getting people to share more than they really want, and this could be another step in that direction. It seems the mobile search will not be as invasive as its previous Graph Search was, but there are plenty who are worried about what it will mean. Just how many old posts will show up and is it worth deleting things right now?

Some good news is that this may never actually come about and may not affect the internet world as many fear. There have been other advancements in the social media site that people have worried about in the past, and have not almost forgotten about. The worrying factor for some though is that this seems an attempt by Facebook to take on Google in the search results industry, and it could mean many more invasive features.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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