Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Wed but Brother Does Not Attend

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy wed over the weekend, but the singer’s brother, Mark, did not attend. Many have questioned the 43-year0old actor’s decision not to attend the wedding and saw it as a snub against the former The View co-host. However, it did not seem to bother the newly married couple, who tied the knot in style.

The ceremony only lasted 20 minutes, but was perfect for Wahlberg and McCarthy. It was a relatively private affair, with just friends and family in attendance, but certainly lavish over the holiday weekend. After the ceremony, the couple and guests were able to celebrate in style.

According to the Ted actor’s rep, the decision not to attend the wedding was not out of disrespect. It was not a sign that he disapproves of McCarthy either. There was already a prior engagement that seemed more important. That would be his daughter Ella’s 11th birthday party. As a sign of apology and congratulations, Wahlberg sent his big brother a public video with him surrounded by his children sharing how happy they were for the ceremony. He also tweeted his congratulations to the happy couple, but so far only the 45-year-old brother has responded.

It appears that McCarthy may still see the lack of attendance as a snub and is choosing to take the higher ground. The New Kids on the Block singer accepted the congratulations and wished his niece a happy birthday at the same time. Some fans still see the younger Wahlberg’s decision not to attend his brother and McCarthy’s wedding as a snub. There would have been time to rearrange the birthday party date so the whole family could be involved in the wedding.

According to reports, the Ted actor and his wife, Rhea Durham, disliked a remark that the presenter made during an interview. Wahlberg is also filming on Tuesday, the date of daughter Ella’s birthday, so they wanted to do something special at the weekend.

The actor was not the only member of the family to avoid the wedding. Another brother, Bobby, was reportedly not in attendance but there have been no reasons given for that. Their mother considered not attending as she hates to fly, but she was spotted making her way to the venue. That would have certainly made up for two brothers not being there.

The day went without any problems and looked to be a well-planned affair. However, McCarthy recently admitted that she was terrible at organizing and planning. She was looking forward to the actual party side, but hated the run-up to it. She never really cared where they married, as the day was all about them. All that mattered is that their hearts were really in it. It may be that the two never cared about those who could not make it, because they knew that this was the start of their lives together.

It is difficult when siblings do not approve of partners. If that was the case for Wahlberg, he certainly made the right decision not to attend his brother and McCarthy’s wedding day to avoid ruining it.

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