‘Final Fantasy XV’ Releases Stunning New Trailer [Video]

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The long-time successful video game franchise, Final Fantasy, has released a stunning new trailer for the latest installment of the series, Final Fantasy XV. The highly anticipated sequel features incredibly realistic next-generation graphics that are bound to mesmerize even the most casual of video game viewers.

The storyline of Final Fantasy XV will focus around a new cast of characters, as has been tradition in the series for every true sequel that is released. Most of the recent games in the Final Fantasy realm have multiple titles of the same universe and same roman numeral. For example, the original Final Fantasy X game exists, but it also has a sister title, Final Fantasy X-2, that remains within the same world as X and even some familiar characters reoccur in the “side-sequel”.

It has been stated that the setting for Final Fantasy XV will take place on a mythical planet that is said to have been a part of Final Fantasy XIII. This is an interesting take, as there may be more crossover characters or plot lines than expected. The location of the game has been compared to Scotland’s Isle of Skye, arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world. One could not doubt that fact after taking a look at the gameplay trailer and seeing the cinematic masterpiece that unfolds before them.

A new feature that has been noted in the newly released trailer is that Final Fantasy XV will have a stunning new way of combat that reflects that of the Kingdom Hearts series of video games. In past Final Fantasy titles, the player would enter into a combat mode and experience a “turn-based” gameplay. The “turn-based” style allows players to take their time and select what attacks they will apply to defeat their enemy. Different offensive and defensive attacks would cost a certain amount of criteria and impose varying amounts of damage to the enemy.

When watching the XV trailer, one can see that there is no selection of attacks in the gameplay, but rather an immediate hash and hack method that seems to be performed by mashing various buttons on the controller. The switch to this method happened with the first Kingdom Hearts game and proved to be rather popular. Game developer, Square Enix, may have made another popular move by making this attack style playable in Final Fantasy XV.

In relation to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy has always shared a close bond with the series. For those that do not know the Kingdom Hearts saga, its cast is comprised of both Disney and Final Fantasy characters that form deeply intricate story lines together. Creator and director of the Kingdom Hearts saga, Tetsuya Nomura, started production on Final Fantasy XV as head director, but has since stepped down to focus solely on perfecting the next KH installment, Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom Hearts has received multiple “side-sequels” similar to the FF series and has not seen a true sequel since 2005’s Kingdom Hearts II. Nomura has remained very tight-lipped about all aspects of Kingdom Hearts III, minus two short teasers that have been revealed and a possible release date in late 2016.

The stunning new trailer for Final Fantasy XV shows much promise that Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura have the fans’ best interests in mind. A demo version of Final Fantasy XV will be included in the upcoming game Final Fantasy Type-0, being released on Xbox One and PS4 on March 17, 2015 in North America. No release date for the full title has been officially announced. The latest gameplay trailer can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

Epoch Times

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