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On an average day, your twitter feed is filled with bulk, spam, and everything but the information you’re looking for. But an innovated new website is changing all that. Scoopnest is a global media curator that sorts Twitter feeds into specific categories, making it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Scoopnest provides top and breaking news without needing to subscribe to every new source on Twitter, and other major social media networks. It’s a great way to keep up to date on everything, without having to dig. Available in six languages and sorted in real-time, Scoopnest is extremely user-friendly and compatible on all devices. Guardian Liberty Voice (GLV) got the inside scoop from developer Jessica Nicolle on how Scoopnest came to be, and where it is headed after beta. Following is GLV’s interview with Nicolle.

Tell me more recent news and accomplishments for your website? “Two weeks ago we implemented a new content display to get more targeted content on the home, profile, and category pages to increase the number of page views per user and the time they stay. We have diversified our sort of news by creating a video space on the homepage for the reason that it is the most sharable things from the web. Moreover, we added more categories to catch more various readers.We are developing several new options, such as multiplying our data sources: LinkedIn, Vine, Instagram and much more, will be integrated into the flow of data to sort, to increase the quality of content. We are focusing on global development by adding more languages and increasing the choice of languages to guarantee a proportional increase of our traffic. We are Implementing a smart search engine with full filters, a useful tool for gathering information from the most general to the most specific topic. Also incorporating geolocated data, sorting news by country rather than language. It will be possible to target a region or a city and refocuses the information according to the need of the reader. Finally, Subcategorizing existing categories for more targeted information to be closer to the interest of the readers. For example, in sports you can choose between soccer, racing… (Available soon: tracking user to create custom SMS alert & better targeted advertising).”

What other websites and companies do you have on board / are working with? What first inspired your idea for Scoopnest? “Franck Morel, the CEO of Bigbird SAS which edits Scoopnest is also the CEO of Surperformance SAS which edits (French website) and (English). He is an expert in financial markets. With more than 2 millions unique visitors per month around the world, customers such as Commerzbank, Barclays or BNP and a listed company as a shareholder, Surperformance SAS is the leader for active investors in France and a major actor of the online finance, worldwide. The growth since 2001 mainly relies on innovative solutions and the abilities to manage and process heavy data. There is no kind of website more difficult to develop than a financial website. Information is a passion, so Franck decided to take up a new challenge. As an expert in big data, and he wanted to create the first real-time media based on THE source of information: Twitter and other social networks. This led to the project of”

Where do you see it going in the future? “Our long-term vision is to become a leader of the new kind of real-time media based on social data‘s curation. We are currently working on fund-raising. We have a first objective of 50 million unique visitors per month in the next 18 months.”

With Scoopnest’s increasing traffic over the first several months after launch, they are well on their way to their goal. As more and more news sources turn to social media as their main form of marketing, platforms like Scoopnest are paving the way for a more focus and organized way to get the information you need.

Interview By Morgan Louchen

Interview with Scoopnest Developer, Jessica Nicolle
Scoopnest (Official Website)

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