Flood: Two Feet High Waves Rush Through Salt Lake Neighborhood [Video]



Two foot high waves rushed through a Salt Lake County neighborhood yesterday afternoon, causing quite a scene and making the route home from school nearly impossible for many youths and their parents.  Roads were flooded in Herriman and many cars had difficulty making it through the neighborhood. The incredible influx of water came after record moisture in the area due to a freak early snowstorm and a quick return to warmer temperatures.  As reported by a seventh-grader of Harriman, Utah, “A massive flood came out of the second street in our neighborhood with a wave two feet high. I’m guessing it was going around 10-15 mph. We get rain storms here, but we’ve never seen anything like this before. No houses were harmed (except one being built), and only one minor basement flood. When I got home from school, me and the people I carpool with just about got stuck trying to get up the main street! Also, this is the aftermath of the flood. The main bit of this (while it was raining) was five times worse. The height of the waves and the wave speed was a lot worse while it was raining.”


Recent rainstorms in the Salt Lake valley have been more intense than in years previous. August received a record-breaking near two inches of rain compared to the normal average of 069 inches, as reported by meteorologist Monica Traphagan. In some areas of Utah, rain has fallen at 200-400 percent of the norm. The recent flood, causing two feet high and greater waves through a Salt Lake neighborhood Monday, was largely due to early snowfalls, which melted quickly due to the drastic difference in temperatures between day and night.

Locals have been gathered together using sandbags to keep the rushing water from flowing into their homes.  So far, it seems that most homes have been spared any major damage, save one home that was in the process of being constructed, which will definitely have some repairs in order.  The local drainage system was over capacity, turning what usually looks like a desert into a beach town within an extremely short period of time.  This beach town was not sporting any sun umbrellas and snorkel masks, however – instead, residents scurried into their houses for shelter from the craze or rushed out to help other neighbors prevent damage to homes.

Residents of Herriman, a suberb of Salt Lake City, have never seen floods like this one which brought in two-feet-high waves through their neighborhood Monday afternoon.  An early snowfall surprised everyone, including Mother Earth, in this area.  Today and tomorrow, precipitation is expected to continue, though measures are being taken to prevent any further overloads, at least in the already affected area.  Residents of Herriman will no doubt be a little more vigilant today and as the winter months of snow approach, deciding how to deal with the onslaught of nature’s sometimes sloppy kisses.

The video below shows exclusive, unseen-before footage recorded by a young Herriman student who was amazed by the flood scene and, thanks to modern technology, was able to record the scene. Several feet of water cover the neighborhood street through which they attempt to drive.


By Stasia Bliss


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