Francesca Eastwood Questioned Over Burglary of Ex Boyfriend’s Home


Francesca Eastwood has been questioned by police over a suspected burglary at the home of her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Shields. The incident occurred on the night of Saturday, August 30th.

Reports state that police responded to a call placed by Shields himself, who was not home at the time but was informed of the burglary by another source who has not yet been disclosed. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities discovered that one of the windows in the residence’s front door had been smashed, thus allowing access to the door handle from the inside and giving the alleged burglar entry. The suspect, however, turned out to be none other than his former partner Francesca Eastwood, daughter of legendary actor Clint Eastwood. The 21-year-old was seen carrying various items out of the house, upon which time she was questioned by police.

A source close to the reality television star said that this incident was in no way a burglary, and that the girl was simply retrieving what was hers following the breakup. The source went on to say that Eastwood retrieved mostly clothes and pictures that had belonged to her in the first place, although the source did not state why she could not wait until Shields was home in order to pick up her possessions.

Tyler Shields showed up at the residence shortly after he informed authorities of the matter. Officers stayed until Francesca was done getting her things and had left, reportedly in order to maintain peace in case there was an altercation of some kind between the two.

This is not the first time that Eastwood has been involved in a public incident. In May of 2012, she and Shields sparked an outrage when it was discovered that she and then-boyfriend Shields had set fire to a handbag worth $100,000, simply for the sake of a photo shoot. Shields is a popular celebrity photographer, and the two were working together on one of his recent projects at the time.

The two cut the bag, a Birkin, in half with a chainsaw in order to make it easier to burn, and then threw it into the flames in order to photograph its disintegration. The two were quickly the subjects of extremely public scrutiny because of how much the bag was worth. Many outraged individuals even threatened to kill the couple for what they had done.

Eastwood’s boyfriend quickly claimed the bag was bought by him and not Eastwood herself, in an attempt to take the pressure off of her for what many believed was the result of being too privileged for her own good. He refused to say exactly how much the bag cost, but admitted that it was more than most pay for a standard vehicle. The girl’s father was reportedly also upset, and was said to greatly disapprove of how his daughter was using the family’s money.

Francesca Eastwood has not yet given any public statement regarding the incident that occurred at her ex-boyfriend’s residence on Saturday night. However, authorities involved say that no charges will be filed and that the case is not being further investigated for the time being.

by Rebecca Grace

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