Game of Thrones May Bring Character Back From the Dead [Spoilers]

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones may bring a character back from the dead, and it could change the way the series is playing out in the novels. It would be an interesting take, but will likely have a lot of book fans angry at the idea. Fans have already complained that certain elements in the book series have been changed for the TV adaptation.

There has not yet been any confirmation from HBO or the show runners. However, Charles Dance, who played villainous Tywin Lannister on the show, has mentioned that he may make a comeback. His character was killed off at the end of season four, after his younger son Tyrion escaped from jail and killed him with a crossbow.

Dance was in an interview promoting Dracula Untold, his new movie. MTV heard that he would not completely miss out on the new season, making suggestions that he was coming back. Now there are questions on how that could really work. It would certainly mean a change from the books. So far, George R.R. Martin has not brought back the Lannister patriarch in his series, and it is unlikely that the show would jump forward to something that the author had not written yet.

There have been suggestions how it could work. One suggestion is that the Game of Thrones character may come back from the dead as a Whitewalker. Winter has been “coming” for the last four seasons, and it has only been recently that the threat seems imminent. However, book fans will know that the attack is still not certain. The question is how a Whitewalker has managed to get to King’s Landing to use Tywin’s body.

Many fans have been hoping for flashbacks throughout the series. This would mean that other fan favorites, including Sean Bean, could return. Bean had recently admitted that he would not rule out ever playing his character Ned Stark again. Considering season five is mainly focused on Cersei’s imminent fall from grace, rumor has it that Game of Thrones will have a flashback with her as a young girl. So far, only stories have been told and it can be very difficult to get a clear picture from the stories of others.

Another thought is that another force will use Tywin’s body. There is also the option of a premonition or some other type of vision, which is something that Daenerys has allowing her to see her dead husband, Khal Drogo, and infant son.

One of the most outrageous claims is that Tywin was not killed. However, book fans would certainly end up outraged at that idea, considering it really would take the storyline in a different direction compared to the novels.

Fans of the show have already been disappointed to learn that Hodor is not in season five. Suspicions were that Bran would also not make an appearance, but it seems like the Stark heir will be in the show.

Nothing is yet certain, and HBO continues to refrain from sharing spoilers. There are many rumors, including the idea that a Game of Thrones character could come back from the dead.

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