Ray Rice Reportedly to Argue TMZ Edited Elevator Video


Disgraced NFL running back Ray Rice is reportedly planning on arguing that gossip website TMZ edited the video of his elevator altercation with wife Janay Palmer, in order to make the incident look worse than it actually was. The announcement was made by TMZ staff early Sunday morning.

Rice is allegedly going to claim that he has only found himself in such hot water following the incident because of the supposed alteration of the media clip. He believes that the gossip website deliberately removed parts from the footage in order to make it seem as though he was the villain, and decided to strike his wife for no reason. He blames TMZ for his terminated contract with the Baltimore Ravens, and also for the public shaming and ridicule he has gotten from the public at large since the incident. Various celebrities have voiced their disdain at the football player for his actions, one of the most sigfinicant of these being United States President Barack Obama, who released a statement shortly after the event took place expressing his view that Rice was not a real man because of what he had done.

TMZ has responded to the news of the 27-year-old’s impending plans, and there are none too happy regarding it. While they admit that his claims are technically true, they point to the fact that the website informed its readers that the video clip had been edited, sharing this information on the incident’s original post. The post detailed the fact that the original elevator footage showing Rice and Palmer’s altercation was jerky and would go back and forth between frames constantly, so the staff chose to remove the reversed frames in order to give readers a more clear sense at what the clip showed. The honchos behind the gossip website are scoffing at the attempt by Rice’s team to discredit them, expressing their view that there is no possible way that the attempt will be a success due to the aforementioned editing disclaimer in their coverage of the incident.

The incident in question took place back in February, and a video showing Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator was released. However, a second video, showing the events inside the elevator, surfaced in the last month. The video showed Rice and Palmer getting into a physical confrontation while in the elevator located at the Revel Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. Upon the NFL player striking first, the woman attempted to defend herself, only to be delivered a blow that sent her flying into the elevator’s hand rail, upon which time she was knocked unconscious. The hotel in question has since closed its doors permanently following the incident, as concerns were raised after the New York native was shown dragging his then-fiancee’s unconscious body out of the elevator following the attack. NFL commission Roger Goodell faced an enormous amount of public scrutiny following the event, as many feel he exihiited a lack of concern for the attack that perpetuated the growing stereotype of NFL players being readily able to get away with displays of domestic violence.

It remains to be seen if Ray Rice will indeed claim that TMZ edited the aforementioned video in order to make the incident seem more extreme than it was. The gossip website, however, is adamant that they did nothing wrong and will continue to stand their ground.

by Rebecca Grace

New York Post

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