Gentlemen Hall Talks About Upcoming Album at Boston Calling [Video]

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Gentlemen Hall

Boston Calling lit up the streets of downtown Boston this past weekend when a packed line up of talent flooded into City Hall Plaza, along with thousands of festival goers. Locals were happy to see some Boston blood when Gentlemen Hall hit the stage Sunday afternoon. The band started in the drafty dorm rooms of Berklee, probably not expecting to be playing a packed mainstream festival there eight years later. After their 2013 single “Sail Into the Sun” landed with high rating and scored the band a Samsung commercial, Gentleman Hall announced that they are working on their third record. Guardian Liberty Voice spoke with bassist and writer Rory Given a few hours after the band played their first Boston Calling Festival.

Gentlemen Hall gave the crowd a little preview of their new material during their Boston Calling set. “We’ve been working on our new record all summer” Rory informs, “…and the best response we got was from our two new songs.” The band recently signed with Island Records, but chose to record the album themselves in a small two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. “We were starting to record in the label’s studio, and the vibe was horrible. So we were like ‘were going to take this year, go to this tiny apartment, and make this record. We’ll see you guys.’”

The sign is sure to trigger some big changes in the band, not only increasing their reach but offering them the resources to develop as musicians. When asked how the switch has affected the production process Rory states: “It has and it hasn’t. Its cool having their option, but it was tricky when we were originally working in their studio and you have all these suits coming in and picking apart lyrics, which it’s not what we signed up for. There was a little push and pull, but it all worked out. I think there’s a reason why every major label artist complains about their label. It’s your art, you don’t want anyone to step on it.”

The band is producing the album themselves, with the help of a young producer, Tiago Carvalho. “It’s humbling to work with this dude who is a decade younger than us, but whose talent is unmistakable.” Rory speaks fondly about his partner. “He has cuts with Jay Z, and he’s doing something with Macklemore. It’s really cool for us because we’ve been writing forever, and its good to have a fresh approach to it. He takes our music and puts a really cool spin on it.”

Gentlemen Hall has not released a new album in four years, which leaves fans anticipating new work. “Depending on how we decide to do it, we think the record will come out maybe January or February, or we kind of just do it a track at a time.” Rory also informed GLV that they will be putting out an EP sometime in the near future. Although a release date for album number three has not yet to be determined, Rory assures us that fans will get new material before the year is up. “Were gonna drop a couple covers (hip hop covers, throw back covers) first because we are still mixing the record, and I think we’re going to drop the single sometime in November. It’s going to take a while to get the record totally wrapped up.”

With new material comes the opportunity for the band to test new sounds, new influences, and promote new feelings in their music We don’t want it to be this big shock that were not just writing summer pop songs – which is probably good timing because it’s not going to be summer anymore (laughs).” Rory lists Imogen Heap, Miike Snow, and Deep Purple as some of his major influences, also commenting on how much he enjoys electronic music’s effect on current pop music. “I read a really good interview with Daft Punk recently,” he adds to the subject, “…and they were talking about the EDM world. They said how everybody’s just gotten comfortable with it, and they know it’s going to make them money. However, a real artist should always be challenging themselves, and trying to create something new; and they are really inspired by that instead of just chasing a couple bucks. I’ve definitely taken that to heart all summer.”

Although Gentlemen Hall has moved onto a bigger audience, they still keep close tabs on Boston’s ever expanding indie rock scene. Rory was excited to play with fellow locals Clifflight at the Boston Calling Afterparty Saturday evening. The Field Effect and Magic Man also sit on Rorys list of favorite Boston bands. “There’s such a good scene here, and the Sinclair just opened up right near my apartment, which I just love. It doesn’t get better than this.” As for favorite bands on the festival lineup, Rory add – “Everybody in my band has been talking about Future Islands, and The 1975 and I’m like ‘Man, I just love Spoon.’ They have this really cool old school rock vibe. I haven’t seen a band like that in a while.”

The bands career has lead them to open up for acts like Muse, All-American Rejects, and Wiz Khalifa. “Its cool to play with Lorde too.” Rory says, “I’m glad she was apart of the festival.” He also informs GLV that the band will be announcing new tour dates in the next couple month. “Definitely more Boston shows, maybe Sinclair, maybe more house parties.” Needless to say, Gentlemen Hall is headed towards some big things, and Rory agrees. “I feel like the breaking moment has yet to happen, which I’m really excited about.”

Interview by Morgan Louchen

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