Crime News: GLV Daily Digest for September 11, 2014


The crime news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for September 11, 2014, contains reports on the arrest of a woman in connection with the squalid living conditions inside of a Blackstone, Mass. home in which the remains of three infants were discovered today, the disclosure by Lexington County, S.C., authorities that the five children killed by their father were murdered “by violent means” and the return of a prison-escapee fugitive to North Carolina after 41 years spent on the run.

CrimeRemains of Three Infants Found in Mass.

Authorities in Worcester, Massachusetts, have arrested a woman in connection with the squalid conditions of a Blackstone home in which the remains of three babies were discovered today.  There is no indication as yet as to with what crime she may be charged. District Attorney Joseph Early said today that four children aged six months to 13 years had been removed from the home two weeks ago, which he described as “in squalor” before saying that it “has been condemned.”

The genders of the babies has not been determined nor has the manner of death, therefore nobody has been charged with a crime connected to their deaths to date. Early would not comment on the current location of the parents or who had been living in the home.

The search of the property was conducted by firefighters and police, some of whom were wearing protective biohazard suits. The Department of Children and Families released a statement to say that before the removal of the four children earlier, they had not had any dealings with the family. There was no mention of when the department had first been notified of problems in the home.

CrimeS.C. Father Killed Five Children Violently

Coroner Earl Wells and Sheriff Lewis McCarty of Lexington County, South Carolina, revealed today that Timothy Ray Jones, Jr., violently killed his five children “willfully and maliciously.” The deaths are believed to have occurred approximately one week prior to when Jones’ ex-wife notified authorities that her children were missing.

Jones, 33, is due to appear for his first court date on Friday at 10 a.m., which is the same day that a memorial service for his children is scheduled in Mississippi. Wells is continuing the investigation into the cause of deaths of the Jones children.

CrimeFugitive Returns to N.C. After 41 Years

After 41 years on the run, Ronald Carnes, 69, will return to North Carolina. Carnes was captured in Iowa and is due to arrive today to a Raleigh prison from his jail cell in Cedar Rapids, according to spokesman Keith Acree of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

Carnes was discovered earlier this year after facial recognition technology used by investigators suggested that he had used two different identities to apply for driver’s licenses in Iowa. Further investigation revealed that Carnes had escaped from a N.C. prison in Aug. 1973 while serving a sentence for the crime of armed robbery which he committed in 1970.

An indictment was returned against Carnes in July for identity theft, Social Security fraud and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Those charges alone could have netted him another 34 years in prison, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office has dropped that case so that Carnes can be returned to N.C. to complete his original sentence.

At the time of his escape, Carnes was eligible for parole – an eligibility that will be immediately available to him now, but his escape would most likely be a major mark against him with any parole board. He currently has about 10 years remaining on his sentence. Should the U.S. Attorney file escape charges against him, his sentence could be extended even further.

Crime Daily Digest by Jennifer Pfalz

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