Gucci Mane Will Leave Prison One Year Early

Rapper Gucci Mane will reportedly be getting out of prison a year earlier than his sentence had originally mandated. The reason for the early release is the accumulation of time served since his arrest, which was approximately this time last year.

The 34 year old’s sentence of 39 months was originally supposed to begin this month, but an Atlanta judge made the decision to begin his sentence from the time of his arrest, thus cutting down the time he must serve by one year. Mane is currently serving time due to a gun possession charge, which he was arrested for in September of last year. Given that the Alabama native is a previously convicted felon, the gun possession was taken extremely seriously and the potential sentence length was originally a possible maximum of 10 years.

Mane was also booked for marijuana possession and for disorderly conduct, after acting belligerently with authorities and uttering both profanities and threats at surrounding officers. Police were called to the scene by one of the rapper’s friends, who was alarmed by Mane’s erratic behavior and felt the need for backup in case a situation arose because of it. The Servin’ It hit-maker was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital as an extra precaution, but released shortly after following an examination that turned up no substantial results. At his court hearing in May of 2014, he pleaded guilty to felony gun possession, in accordance with a plea deal the rapper took to lessen the aforementioned possible maximum sentence of 10 years. Prosecutors requested Mane not be released until 2016, a sentence which was agreed upon by the judge. In addition to the 39 months, he was also made to pay a $250,000 fine.

Mane has been involved in several conflicts with the law over the years. In March of 2013, an arrest warrant was issued after an Atlanta soldier told the media that the rapper hit him over the head with a bottle after the fan merely asked for a photograph to be taken of the two of them together. The fan reportedly required ten stitches following the alleged attack. The rapper was ultimately charged with aggravated assault. Six months earlier, he was ordered to pay a total of $60,000 for reportedly pushing an Atlanta woman out of a moving car after she refused to accompany him to a hotel room. In her lawsuit, the woman claimed emotional distress, mental anguish, and pain. An amount was awarded in punitive damages, and the entertainer was also ordered to serve a sentence of six months in jail. In 2005, he was charged with the murder of Henry Lee Clark III, who died after a fatal shooting. These charges, however, were ultimately dropped after a witness to the event supported the rapper’s claim of self-defense, thus leading to insufficient evidence in terms of trying him for the crime.

It remains to be seen whether or not Gucci Mane will leave prison at the anticipated time. Neither he nor his representatives have given any official statement on the matter.

by Rebecca Grace

Rolling Stone

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