Halloween and Hollywood [Video]


It is almost that time of year where Halloween blends seamlessly with Hollywood, and brings the scary into the homes of fans of the holiday, young and old alike. The amount of programming around All Hallows Eve, is rivaled only by that of Christmas time programs. Television will be filled with special programming like the 13 Nights of Halloween, a staple on ABC Family. For those that are not faint of heart there is FearFest on AMC, and 31 Days of Halloween on the SyFy channel. Let’s not forget the kids, as Disney surely has not, with their scheduled Monstober for not only children, but the young at heart too.

HalloweenA fan of this fun day, and in Hollywood’s eyes, fun month, can find most anything one might want, from the Food Networks Halloween Wars, where teams of cake makers, pumpkin carvers and sugar artists, form a team to make the most scary of creations, to classic movies such as Hocus Pocus.  Starring Bette Middler, this movie about three witch sisters is a staple in many homes as is the child friendly Halloween Town.

Each year more and more horror movies come out, but only a portion of those go on to live in Halloween infamy. If one is not into scary movies, or trick or treating children dressed in costume, be sure that daytime TV will also be filled with hosts and hostesses alike, sporting spooky sets, and crazy costumes.

HalloweenWhether it is Matt Lauer dressed as Pamela Anderson or Wendy Williams dressed up as Wonder Woman,  it is a sure bet that many channels will be decked out for the month of October in one way or another. So many had fun last year, that it makes this year worth looking forward to, as even the mostly serious Fox & Friends news show came out on set looking suspiciously like the Duck Dynasty crew. There are so many famous participants is this so sacred day of ghouls and goblins, and one of the stars that take it to the extreme each year is none other than Heidi Klum. She has gone as simple as a cat, and as extravagant as an eight armed, well, the viewer will have to name this one. (See Photo Below)

HalloweenOne talk show host does however, stand out from the rest, as she uses costumes and scare tactics all year long on her guests, and some of her favorite moments are captured in the video below. As October approaches her fans will be thinking, ‘I wonder what Ellen will dress up as this year,’ Yes, Ellen Degeneres takes Halloween to a whole new level, and she never fails to surprise with her costumes. She has dressed up as Nicki Minaj, and Snookies Poof, and many more hilarious and inventive outfits.

One of the viewers favorite bits on Ellen for this season, is kids costumes with Ellen’s special twist. They are amusing and amazing, and fun for everybody. One might wonder if she will send her producer and other staff members into the haunted houses again this year, those videos had quite a good run and went viral soon after they went up on-line.

by Kristi Cereska

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