ISIS Fight Could Last Years


According to British and U.S. officials, the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), could take years. This news comes out after the collation of more than 50 countries led by the U.S. was joined by Denmark, Belgium and Great Britain on Friday. With the great number of countries agreeing to support the fight and go after the ISIS terrorists, news that the actions that hope to bring those behind the beheadings of civilian noncombatants will not be an easy process taking a week or two, or even a few months. It is a fight that may go on for years.

According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, fighter jets from Belgium will join the collation and the Denmark Defense Ministry announced that they will send seven fighter jets to join the hunt. Russia has thrown their hat in on Friday by pledging support to Iraq in fighting ISIS as well as other terrorist groups, according to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

According to experts, the strikes are having some effect, but it will be a combined effort with ground forces and air strikes to have the effect needed and bring ISIS to justice. Time that could spread into years.

By Carl Auer

Photo By Tech. Sgt. Michael Holzworth – Flickr

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