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Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday in America as every year, millions of people across the nation obsess over what costume to wear. 2014 will be no different as a great many new franchises and pop culture icons give inspiration to costume suppliers and individuals who create their own costumes alike.

In the past, Disney characters have been a very popular trend amongst Halloween costumes, as the famous princes, princesses and villains of Disney never seem to not be relevant. This year, in particular, Disney characters are destined to be filling the streets on Halloween night as the multi-billion dollar company has released two box office mega-hits since last Halloween. Last winter’s Frozen and the summer blockbuster, Maleficent are two titles that will, undoubtably, be heavily featured for Halloween 2014. Maleficent debuted at the box office with an impressive $170.6 million and Frozen has officially been named as the highest-grossing animated film of all time. With two immensely successful films released within a year, there will be twice the amount of Disney this Halloween.

Halloween stores, as well as individual costume creators, are notorious as of late for creating adult “sexy” versions of popular costume characters. There has been debate on the degrading factor of the recently released “sexy” Frozen costumes. Lingerie and costume company Yandy has announced their new line of adult costumes for 2014.

The lineup includes two versions of Elsa the Snow Queen, one resembling the original film’s sparkly blue gown, the other sporting a higher cut in the dress, revealing the legs, and a lower cut on the chest. The line also includes a sensual version of Anna with a similar color palette as the cartoon, but with a much shorter dress and short purple cape. Perhaps the most bizarre “sexy” adaptation is that of Olaf the snowman for adult women. The model photo for this costume features simply a white unitard with coal buttons printed on it, white forearm sleeves with prints of twig arms and a carrot nose to strap around one’s head.

Another debatable costume that has been announced is that of the woman who made viral news for allegedly implanting a third breast on herself. Yes, a full-on costume of this woman has been made and reinvented by popular costume sites like halloweencostumes.com. The costume features an attachable torso with three breasts and a three-breasted bikini top. The costume is being marketed as an outfit available for women and men.

The 2014 Halloween does not all have to be sexualized, though. There are already ideas circuiting the internet that will reflect more events and people of 2014 on Halloween night. A few of these suggestions include tributes to the late and great comedians, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, a human recreation of the iPhone 6, the tall hat of Pharrell Williams or even striking a resemblance to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Individuals have also taken to creating their own simple, yet cleverly humorous costumes such as taking hundreds of grey-colored samples from Home Depot and going out as “50 Shades of Grey”.

Whatever costumes one decides to wear for Halloween 2014, there will most definitely be some difficulty in choosing from the immense amount of options this year. Though it may seem early to be thinking about Halloween, the season will creep up before one even knows it.

By Cody Collier

Huffington Post
New York Magazine

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