Iggy Azalea Suing Ex-Boyfriend but Not Over Sex Tape


Iggy Azalea has been in the news lately for being in a sex tape that was allegedly made of her and taken without her permission by her Maurice Williams, her ex-boyfriend; however, she is suing him over other recordings that he allegedly downloaded and made off with, previously unreleased musical ones of her singing. Maurice Williams is also known as Jefe Wine.

This last August, Wine reportedly released the songs he had downloaded, again without the permission of Iggy Azalea. Azalea, whose birth name before she changed it was Amethyst Kelly, alleges that her ex-boyfriend downloaded the songs and other contents on her computer “onto a jump drive without her consent.” This downloading, according to Azalea, occurred sometime while the two of them were still romantically linked with each other, sometime in 2009.

Iggy Azalea has trademarked her name, music, and likeness. She alleges in a federal lawsuit dated September 17, 2014, that Williams and others that she names distributed her music along with her name and likeness without her permission “to promote themselves and the music they misappropriated.” This downloading allegedly occurred when the Aussie was living with Williams in Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to America when she was 16.

No reference to a sex tape is made in the complaint, though there is a rumor that one Williams downloaded of both of them having sex made its way to the adult movie company, Vivid Entertainment, around the beginning of September. According to a report by TMZ, Williams has stated that he was not responsible for leaking the sex tape. He claims, instead, that it was leaked by someone who stole his computer.

However, Williams also said that he has permission to distribute, sell, advertise or manufacture any of Iggy’s recordings from when they lived together, as she signed an agreement to that affect. Though Iggy Azalea has denied that the woman who is in a sex tape that has been making the rounds is her, the rapper’s spokespeople have issued a comment that she very well might have been underage if and when any such sex tape was made and she likely had no idea she was being filmed.

Azalea has stated that if her ex-boyfriend has any document it is a forgery. In the lawsuit, she alleges that any such document had to have been created by cutting and pasting it together from an actual contract that she signed.

The rapping singer of hits like Fancy and Black Widow realized something was up when the songs that had been allegedly downloaded without her permission began showing up at the sites of major retailers, including Google Play and Amazon. Fortunately for Azalea, most of the retailers heeded the cease-and-desist orders that she and Universal Music Group put out. She has not changed her plans to release the album Inizio, which will contain all of the songs that were on her hard drive, on September 30.

If the document that Williams claims he has allowing him to use Iggy’s likeness, visual image, and music is a forgery, it would be good news for Iggy Azalea. Then, there would be no legal grounds for Williams to release any such sex video if one ever existed and he downloaded it from Azalea’s computer.

Although the federal lawsuit that Iggy Azalea filed mentions master recordings of her songs that were downloaded and basically stolen from her computer, any victory she might win in court against her ex-boyfriend Williams would also cover video images, like those which allegedly are in a sex tape of her and Williams. A ruling in her favor would effectively block the illegal distribution of both her songs and the alleged sex video, a win-win for Iggy Azalea.

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