Indiana State University Dorm Shooting Believed an Isolated Incident

Indiana State University

A student shot on the campus of Indiana State University was the only intended target of the shooter, according to campus police. Chief of Police Joe Newport reported that the shooting, which occurred early in the evening on Saturday at approximately 6 p.m., happened in a dorm stairwell.

After the attack, the shooter fled from the scene. University police believe that he poses no threat to any others on the public university’s campus and are confident that the shooting was an isolated occurrence and did not involve drugs.

The victim of the shooting is a second-year student who had been shot in the buttocks. He was transported to Union Hospital where he is expected to fully recover. Upon arriving at the scene, the victim was awake and alert. He told police that he had been shot while he walked on campus. He also reported that the people who had shot him were two African-American men wearing white shirts who looked to be in their early 20’s. He added that he believed himself to be the only intended target.

Witnesses said that two men ran from the area when the shooting occurred, but police believe that only one man fired shots. According to Newport, the shooting victim is withholding information, making it difficult for investigators to uncover any additional details in the case. Police have said that the victim and the two men knew each other and had been together for over one hour earlier in the day.

Investigators discovered a bullet and two casings at the scene, leading them to believe that the gun misfired at least once. Investigators are planning to request a search warrant in an effort to uncover more details in the shooting. In the meantime, police are canvassing the area and interviewing potential witnesses. In addition to Indiana State University Police Chief Newport, Assistant Police Chief Michelle Barrett has responded to the scene. Agencies present include the Indiana State Police, the Terre Haute Police Department and the sheriff of Vigo County.

Indiana State University has over 13,000 students and is located in the western part of Indiana in Terre Haute. ISU has been named one of Princeton Review’s “Best in the Midwest” for 11 straight years. The university has been ranked by Washington Monthly as the thirtieth overall among national universities, number one in community service and number three in service learning. Considered a diverse campus, 3.8 percent of its students are international and 19.5 percent are minorities. Of the minorities on campus, 75.4 percent are African American, 8.3 percent are Hispanic and Latino American, 8.3 percent are multiracial, .5.8 percent are Asian American and 2.1 percent are Native American.

Although the university is not on lock-down currently, Indiana State University Media Relations Director Dave Taylor reported that immediately after the shooting, residences on campus and the student rec center were locked down. Newport advises those on campus to stay aware of their immediate surroundings and to report suspicious activity. They are asking anyone with any information about the shooting to call 911 or 812-237-5555.

By Jennifer Pfalz

The Washington Post
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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