Mike Sorrentino Blames Tax Fraud on Brother Marc

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Mike Sorrentino
Former Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino is blaming his recent indictment for tax fraud on his brother and manager, Marc Sorrentino. He claims that Marc was in charge of all his finances, and therefore, he was oblivious to the fact that earning statements were being fabricated.

Sources close to the 32-year-old say he is pinning the responsibility on his brother, who he says was put in total control of all his financial endeavors. These responsibilities were said to include filing taxes, negotiating deals with the pair’s accountant, and collecting money. The reality television star is reportedly stating that he has never met with anybody from the accounting firm in question other than on the initial day he became one of the their clients. He is also said to have never questioned his brother’s ability to handle said finances, and those involved in the events say that the New York native will most likely be guilty of financial negligence, if not more. While he reportedly does not want to give his brother’s name to the IRS in terms of revealing who is truly at fault in the situation, sources say that Sorrentino is also not overly keen to potentially go to prison for a crime he feels he did not commit.

Marc’s attorney has since given the statement that their client is shifting the blame onto the accountant himself, relaying Marc’s claims that the accountant either deliberately or unwillingly fabricated the tax statements. Moreover, the accountant in question subsequently skipped town and ran his mouth to federal authorities in order to pin the crime on the Sorrentino brothers. The attorney went on to detail the older brother’s efforts to defame the accountant, saying that Marc was of the opinion that the accountant was even disreputable to his co-workers and staff, repeating the brother’s statement that everyone at the firm was aware of the accountant’s tendency to lie compulsively.

The Sorrentino brothers were both indicted this past Wednesday, on respective charges of tax fraud and conspiracy to commit the same. The Jersey Shore star was accused of failing to pay due taxes on earnings of almost nine million dollars, of which he earned both from his stint on the MTV reality show and from his brief association with Devotion Vodka. The pair are scheduled to be arraigned on October 6th, and if convicted, the younger brother will face up to nine years in a federal penitentiary. There has not yet been word regarding the amount of time his manager will serve for the aforementioned charges. Both brother’s pled not guilty upon turning themselves into New Jersey authorities for the alleged crime. The Situation, a nickname he has acquired over the last few years, has so far been mum in terms of giving details to the media surrounding his indictment and aforementioned arraignment. When asked on Friday morning to divulge information surrounding the court case, he limited his responses merely to his thoughts on the recent birth of his former co-star Nicole Polizzi’s (known on Jersey Shore as Snooki) new baby.

It remains to be seen whether or not Mike Sorrentino will shift blame for his alleged tax fraud on his brother Marc when his arraignment date comes. Neither he nor his representatives have yet given any official statement surrounding the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

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