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iPhone 6

Apple lovers are counting the days before the iPhone 6 is released. The immensely popular technology company will reportedly be unveiling its latest smartphone on Sept. 9. For months many tech websites have spilled rumors about the smartphone’s potential design and features included in the latest installment. Despite a disappointing sales total for last year’s iPhone 5S and 5C, many experts believe the latest iPhone will sell a lot better than last year’s models. The strong following  Apple electronic products routinely exhibit coupled with extra features and an all new exterior design should help to boost sales. One of the iPhone 6’s apparent new features will be the inclusion of a digital wallet.

A digital wallet, also referred to as an e-wallet, stores financial information such as credit/debit card numbers, tickets, and banking information to substitute for the use of the traditional wallet . Digital wallets allow ease and convenience of transactions securely without the same risk of the old school counterpart. E-wallets can be accessed on a variety of platforms and applications. The information stored is secured and accessible via a PIN. The technology for the service has been on the market for years but Apple never expressed interest in acquiring it on any of its older devices.

However, according to multiple news and technological experts, Apple has reached agreements to attain patents and use the digital wallet technology for the upcoming  iPhone 6 device. Deals are reportedly in place with credit card companies such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa that will allow iPhone 6 users access the technology necessary to run an e-wallet program. No official announcement has been made by Apple but this should come as no surprise to those familiar with the tech world. The smartphone distributor routinely keeps quiet on technological intricacies and software/hardware upgrades, until after the initial launch of a new product. The constant state of mystery that iPhone fanatics endure in anticipation of new phones or iOS updates often make it difficult for customers to decipher which leaks are accurate or false.

Over the past several years iPhones have remained relatively stagnant in their physical design and have not incorporated much innovative technology. Despite the inclusion of a digital wallet on the iPhone 6, there are other requests that users may want to see before buying the new device. iPhone users have been making requests for quite some time, calling for Apple to address their smartphone wish list. Many Apple customers looking to purchase the new phone are hoping for a larger screen, much like the displays on many of today’s Android and Windows phones.

The 4 inch screen on the iPhone 5S pales in comparison to other smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note. The feature packed smartphone cut into Apple’s profits as last year’s Galaxy 3 model sold 10 million units in just two months. The fourth installment of the Note will feature a 5.7 in screen while Apple is rumored to be launching two of their own models. However, unlike last year, one of Apple’s new models will have a 4.7 inch screen while the other model will boast a screen that measures a full 5.5 inches.

Consumers would likely be grateful if the next iPhone included a Sapphire glass screen. The new screen design would help to minimize cracks, and display damage. Unfortunately, this wish list desire is not yet a priority for Apple. The expense of Sapphire alone makes it unlikely the company would implement such a screen at this point. A waterproof phone would likely be another highly sought after feature but there have been no reports that indicate such a luxury will be present on the iPhone 6. Nonetheless, techies and smartphone lovers will see an all new design for the upcoming device. The iPhone 5S’s fingerprint technology was last year’s most innovative feature for the iPhone. Viewers of the Apple special event unveil will be waiting anxiously until next Tuesday to see if another feature will top the inclusion of the iPhone 6’s digital wallet.

By Brandon Wright

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