Jennifer Lawrence Brought the Embarrassment Upon Herself?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence brought the embarrassment upon herself. That is the view of many people, especially those who enjoy blaming the victim rather than the thief. To them she is not the only person to bring the embarrassment on themselves either; everyone who had their naked photos stolen is being blamed.

Over the weekend, Lawrence and other celebrities, including Selena Gomez and Rihanna, had their nude photos stolen. It appears that they were stored on iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage system, and a hacker managed to get in and take them. Many have the opinion that the celebrities should not have stored their photos where someone should have gotten to them. Ricky Gervais has been at the helm of this attack.

Others claim that the celebrities should have made their storage password harder to guess. This is a reasonable request and something that people are told on a regular basis now. Whatever the password for, it is important to keep it difficult for hackers, and avoid any words in the dictionary. Unfortunately, celebrities are not the only people to ignore that advise, as they keep the passwords easy enough for them to remember.

Gervais used Twitter to share his opinion of the whole nude photo scandal. He simply told celebrities to make it harder for hackers to steal the photos by keeping them off their computers. However, he received abuse from many followers and quickly deleted the tweet.

Should Lawrence be blamed for bringing the embarrassment upon herself? Should the other celebrities think twice about having these nude photos taken in a very private environment?

Surely the hackers are the ones that should be blamed. They are the ones to break the law. They have been the ones to invade a celebrity’s privacy with the sole aim to embarrass her. Only women were singled out during this attack, because it appears there is still a stigma over doing something daring or for fun.

These celebrities took photos that many other women have taken over the years. They did it in private and with people they trust. They should not be embarrassed for something that they have done in their private life, and it is not their fault that someone decided to hack into their online storage to take the photos; using them for their own personal gain.

Gervais defended himself by claiming that it was a joke. This shows the problem with online media and the written word. If it was supposed to be a joke, it came across as distasteful and as an attack. Unfortunately, there are plenty of other people out there who do blame victims when a crime happens. Somehow the victims must have put themselves into a position for the attack, whether it is with nude photos being stolen, rape or any other crime.

The celebrities are starting to band together in this online attack. So far, The Hunger Games star has been joined by Kate Upton in the lawsuit against all those distributing the nude photos. Lawrence and the rest of the celebrities did not bring the embarrassment upon themselves, but were victims of a crime.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Sydney Morning Herald

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