Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Photos to Be Shown in Art Gallery

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Jennifer Lawrence’s leaked nude pictures and those of other candid celebrity photos will be shown in a gallery by XLAVA, it has been announced by Cory Allen Contemporary Art. The show will open on Oct. 30 and will feature several celebrity leaked photos from the past seven years.

According to the artist, the statement of the gallery is to shed light on the dangers of technology. Called “No Delete,” the uncensored images will be “life-sized” and show celebrities in “their most private and intimate moments.”

According to Cory Allen, publicist, the images will “strengthen” the current debate concerning right to privacy in the era of digital images and the Internet. Gallery viewers will be treated to a front-row seat of what it feels like to be both the victim and the victimizer as they observe the leaked images and contemplate the effects the digital world has had on the real world. “The commentary behind this show is a reflection of who we are today. We all become ‘users’ and in the end, we become ‘used’,” he has said.

The art gallery’s featuring the photos adds to the controversy about leaked images of celebrities Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton; the recent hacking has become a hot topic for not just other celebrities but individuals in general. Opinions have varied on the subject. Actress Emma Watson released a tweet claiming that many comments from the Internet have expressed a lack of empathy for the women of the hacked photos, while comedian and actor Ricky Gervais used his own Twitter account to give people advice on how to not have one’s nude photos stolen as in, do not take nude photos in the first place. His tweet was later erased and instead replaced with a more benign and general statement about not doing bad things.

The leaked images have also inspired comparisons about how men and women are treated in the media and how empathy for victims is not equally distributed. One tweet pointed out that when a man’s nude photos are released he is not at fault for the hacking. However, when a woman who privately took a nude photo has it revealed on the Internet without her permission, she is often viewed as complicit in her own victimization and therefore not worthy of any sympathy for what has happened to her.

As Roxanne Gaye pointed out, the public apparently believes that the public is entitled to celebrity women’s bodies, even when the woman, like Jennifer Lawrence, did not consent to what is being viewed. When a woman who is a non-celebrity is hacked, she is a victim. A celebrity woman whose photos are stolen–which is still a crime, Gaye rightly points out–she is somehow not granted victimhood and is instead subject to condescension and advice from non-involved parties who are convinced she is the sole source of her troubles.

The art gallery showcasing the recent leaked images of Lawrence and Upton is located in St. Petersburg, Fla. The showing is part of the campaign XLAVA refers to as “Fear Google.” XLAVA has previously used other hacked or paparazzi photos in his art for artistic reasons. Other celebrities to receive his artistic attention are Britney Spears and Scarlett Johannson.

by Jillian M. Moyet


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